A Process for Experimenting with Products and Creating New Styles

By: Tracy Ftacek

Recently, a number of people have asked me how I find inspiration for my blog posts.
Much of it comes down to a system I created for myself that makes me study and understand the wide variety of products, Pro Tools™ and Professional Color available from Paul Mitchell®. Here is an overview of my process.

First, I select a product.  The very first resource I use is our Paul Mitchell Professional website. Generally, choosing a product is the most challenging piece. There are so many wonderful choices and I never want to accidentally skip over or miss one!

Once I’ve chosen a product, I use the Paul Mitchell Product Knowledge Guide, my own library or the Paul Mitchell archive of hairstyles to find the look that would best showcase the product I chose.

This is where the learning process takes place.

As professionals, we know it takes more than one tool to create a beautiful style. Finding the correct combination of shampoo, conditioner, tools and styling products without removing the focus on my original choice is the most exciting part. Coming up with creative combinations and new ways to use products helps expand my skill set.

Then it is time to create the look I’ve chosen using my combination of products. I generally know about halfway through styling the hair if my combination is going to succeed or not. I test the look on a guest, hair model or a mannequin, depending on my schedule.

Many times we start with the style and then select the product.  But I’ve found, as creatures of habit, our eye is generally drawn to the same styles again and again. Approaching the process backwards—from product to finish versus finish to product— requires more research into the features and benefits of the product, which thereby provides a deeper relationship and understanding of how that product really works.

Have fun experimenting with the wide array of Paul Mitchell products!  Remember, it’s just hair. You can always wash it and start over!

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