Summer Sun & Hair Color


It doesn’t matter if your guests is painted in INKWORKS, rocking permanent color or showing off her beautiful natural hue, the sun can do a number on your guest’s hair color (artificial or not). Let’s discuss some great tips and tricks you can share with your guests to keep their locks fresh, bright, and hydrated during the summer months!

  • Guests should be upgraded with a PM Shines® Clear Shine! What I love most about PM Shines is that it offers UV Protection. Whether your guests is soaking up sunny rays at the beach or walking around at a summer street fair, PM Shines will deliver UV protection, alongside it’s nourishing amino acids and Intense Hydrating Complex. Remember, you can always offer a Clear Shine to your guests who are not currently coloring their hair to give them the demi-permanent “sun screen” benefits!
  • Shampoo Strategically. If your guest has coarse hair, advise her to shampoo her hair every 3-5 days and use Dry Wash® in between washes to keep the style fresh and full of volume. If she has finer hair, recommend that she washes her hair more often with a color care shampoo and conditioner like Ultimate Color Repair® and use cool water to rinse hair to reduce color fade.
  • Heat Styling Settings. The Neuro® tools collection not only has intelligent styling capabilities, they also have the most easy to use heat settings. Educate your guests on when and how to turn that heat down to prevent color fade—especially for your Inked guests!
  • Styling Options. Create your style with texturizing stylers like Awapuhi Wild Ginger® Texturizing Sea Spray® and Ultimate Wave®. Your guests’ colored tresses will thank you for the extra boost of goodness these products offer and their ability to achieve a great look that will last for a few days.
  • Invest in Ultimate Color Repair® Triple Rescue®. This product is hair color’s best ally during the summer months. Tell your guests to incorporate this product into their everyday styling routine: shake well, mist all over damp hair and enjoy the UV protection, thermal defense and added shine this quinoa-packed hero has to offer.
  • Blondes that can outshine the sun! Spring and summer inspire more than half of our guests to go lighter and typically, they want to stay as light and bright as possible. UV exposure on those fragile, delicate blonde locks can tend to fade toners and expose golden hues that most blondes like to avoid. Platinum Blonde Shampoo® can help control these hints of brass with its violet-tinted formula and protect natural blonde strands as they just bask in all of their glory poolside.

It’s time to stop hiding from the sun in fear of fading and looking dull! What better time to celebrate color than during the brightest, most vivid time of year? These tips and tricks will help your guests lock in their color and enjoy prolonged vibrancy throughout the summer months.

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