the color XG 101: Intensifiers

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With the launch of the highly-anticipated the color XG®, the first thing that most colorists’ eyes and hands go towards are the Intensifiers. Not only do they look intriguing, but just their name alone is enough to pull you in and spark some creative ideas.

If you’re anything like me, a new addition to the Color Bar makes me want to play, experiment, test the limits and create colors. Let’s take a look at some ideas of why, when and how to use the color XG Intensifiers, and how they can grow your business, confidence and creativity!


the color XG Intensifiers are a brilliant choice when working with the color XG because they contain both the DYESMART System as well as the PUREXG Protection System. You can intensify (emphasis on the INTENSE because these 6 colors really pack a punch!) or neutralize unwanted tones. They are all intermixable and can be added to any of the shades in our brilliant palette.


These versatile tools can be used in nearly any color XG scenario—adding vibrancy, controlling warmth, adding depth to a formula, repigmenting pre-lightened hair, creating bright or pastel fashion tones and corrective colors to name a few.


As a general use guideline, for each 1 ounce of your selected shade, add the amount of Intensifier specified in the chart below. These guidelines will give you just the right amount of pigment at each level to intensify or neutralize a tone.

For very strong, vibrant end results, add up to 30% of your formula to neutralize extreme unwanted tonality (typically use Green 0/22, Blue 0/88 and Violet 0/66 here) and up to 50% of your formula with the chosen Intensifier for vibrant intensity (depending on what your goal is, use any of the 6 Intensifiers here).


  • Always whisk/mix your Intensifier with your color formula prior to adding your cream developer. Adding Intensifiers will not affect your timing, but if you are adding more than 30% of your formula with Intensifier, you will want to add more of your Paul Mitchell Cream Developer to stay true to your chosen mixing ratio.
  • If you are looking to use an Intensifier on its own on levels 9-12, be sure to prime the hair and use an Ultra Toner first, then mix your Intensifier with 10 volume Paul Mitchell Cream Developer and process for up to 25 minutes.
  • For the most predictable, vivid and long-lasting colors, use each Intensifier at a level that provides a solid base for the color to grab on to. For example, a vivid Yellow/Gold 0/33 will work beautifully with a level 9 formula, Red 0/44 with levels 5-7 and Orange 0/34 with levels 6-9.
  • Using Intensifiers with Clear Booster will create a more translucent end result with more lift (keep in mind this will also expose more dominant pigment).
  • Don’t forget! Intensifiers and INKWORKS® are two completely different colors with entirely different roles. Intensifiers work best when mixed with a color XG formula—when used on their own, the lifespan of your guests’ color is not as predictable. If you are looking for extreme, vibrant fashion tones, INKWORKS is a brilliant option for that punch of color on its own or as a top coat!

Have fun with our new color XG Intensifiers! They will undoubtedly boost your creativity, inspire your guests and encourage color service upgrades, making you more successful and confident behind the chair!

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