Paint the Rainbow! 3 Color Formulations Using the color XG Intensifiers

As a colorist, I love any tool that helps me express my artistic freedom. And now, we have a new tool available in our Color Bar that does just that! Paul Mitchell the color XG® guarantees the latest in hair color technology, while significantly expanding our formulation options. One of my favorite features of the color XG is the vibrant and beautiful Intensifiers. Below are 3 of my favorite color stories using the Intensifiers.

Soft Rosy Lavender,

Color Formation:  Jill Rudzik and me. Haircut/Style: Me


  1. Pre-lighten the canvas to at least a level 9, a dimensional canvas works best. 2
  2. Use the color XG 7RV(15g) + 10P (30g) + /66 violet Intensifier (4g) and 10 volume Paul Mitchell Cream Developer (73.5g.) and paint a shadow root. Comb through gently to blend and then, using the same formula, place some diagonal weaves throughout the hair.
  3. On all hair left out of the foils, use PM SHINES® 9V and 2 violet shots to color melt the shadow root into the blonde ends. 3

Bright Sunshine Yellow

(Color: Dominique Limone and me. Haircut: Ben Hoagland)

  1. Pre-lighten the canvas to a level 10. 4
  2. Paint a shadow root using the color XG /33 gold Intensifier and 10 volume Paul Mitchell Cream Developer (1:1), and slightly comb though. 5
  3. Use horizontal diagonal back sections and hand paint panels of the gold Intensifier throughout the hair.
  4. Use PM SHINES Clear Shine to color blend the Intensifier into the blonde ends. 6

Charcoal Gray

  1. Pre-lighten the existing canvas to levels 7s, 8s and 9s, using a blended hand painting method, making sure the ends are fully lightened to a level 9.
  2. Use PM SHINES 6A and maximum 6 Blue Color Shots to paint on as a base color and comb through to blend.
  3. Use the color XG 8A (90g) + /88 Blue Intensifier (20g) + /66 Violet Intensifier (20g) and 10 volume Paul Mitchell Cream Developer (195g.) and fully saturate the remaining hair. 7

As artists, it’s important to have the right tools at our disposal to achieve beautiful color results.  I’ve had so much fun expanding my color formulations option with the new Paul Mitchell the color XG, and I’m sure you will too!

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