Men’s Styling Tips for Your Guests: MITCH® Matterial

Plenty of men admit that styling their own hair is a challenge. Thankfully, with a full line-up of men’s grooming products available to us from MITCH and our professional expertise, we can help our male guests achieve great style with ease. Today, we are going to learn some quick styling techniques using new MITCH® Matterial™.

Matterial is a powerful styling clay that bulks up texture with a dry, ultra-matte finish. This new product creates a matte feel and eliminates shine making it a great product choice for guys with fine and/or skinny hair fabric. The texture is creates makes hair look and feel thicker.

Here are the tips I give my male guests who are looking for a fuller, more textured style:

Start with clean, towel dried or blow-dried hair. The end style will last longer if hair is blow dried before applying product.

Matterial 1

Apply a small amount of MITCH Matterial to the hands and emulsify the product. Work the product into both hands thoroughly before applying to the hair.

Matterial 2

Matterial 3

Begin the application with a “shoe shine” technique one hand at a time. This will ensure that the product is evenly distributed through the hair. By starting with the “shoe shine” technique the hair won’t have too much separation at the scalp. Most guys don’t love seeing a lot of their scalp.

Matterial 4

With stubborn hairlines and growth patterns, use the palm of the hand to “smear” the hair in the direction desired.

Matterial 5

Detail the look as desired to create the finished look.

Matterial 6

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