Putting the color XG to Use in A Robert Cromeans Salon


Since its launch in July, the color XG® has been praised by salon owners and stylists. Now, Paul Mitchell International Trainer Mary Cuomo shares her experience with testing the product and putting it to use in A Robert Cromeans Salon. Here is what she had to say:

I had the opportunity to enjoy the process of testing the color XG at A Robert Cromeans Salon prior to its launch and it was such an incredible experience! Our salon guests love to be a part of the process of testing new hair color lines and products. They feel as though they are at the forefront of Paul Mitchell innovation by getting a sneak peek before anyone else!

Favorite features and benefits of the color XG:

I am in love with the intensifiers, not only because I can use them to feed my artistic soul and make everything bright, but I can also utilize them to neutralize unwanted underlying pigment in the hair!

I also love the inclusion of rice milk and cotton seed oil in the color XG because these ingredients ensure the strength of the hair during and after the hair coloring process. You and your guest can feel the results immediately!

Scenarios in which you use the color XG products or other options on your guests in the salon:

I love having color options and so do my guests, and the addition of the color XG on the Color Bar gives me one more tool to use or option to choose. When a guest sits in my chair and I ask them what their goals and limitations are with their hair color, their answers help me choose the right tool in the Color Bar to give them the best results possible. For example:

  • When a guest wants to experience bright, vibrant hair color without using lightener first I automatically go to the color XG.
  • When a guest wants to camouflage non-pigmented hair that is peaking through her hair color without a lot of maintenance, I generally choose SHINES XG®.
  • When a guest is experiencing hair color for the first time ever and would like a tonal change without ammonia, PM SHINES® is my go-to hair color choice.

Your favorite color success story using the color XG:

My guest had a natural level 4 hair and wanted gorgeous, bright red hair. I used 6R color XG with 30 vol, applied from the mid-shaft to the ends first, then went back in and touched the base with the same formula. After the Wash House, I dried her hair and went scalp to ends with Red Intensifier and 20 vol and her color is amazing!

Response have you received in the salon and during the launch of the color XG from salon guests and fellow professionals:

The team at A Robert Cromeans Salon loves to use the color XG! We are all artists so having new products is always so much fun! The guests love it—when they see the color XG imagery in the salon, they just can’t get enough!

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