Taking Inspiration from the Liquid Motion Collection

Twice a year Paul Mitchell® delivers beautiful and inspirational cut and color collections that challenge us to take our skill set to the next level. This year’s fall collection is no exception. The collection is called Liquid Motion, and as the name suggests, it’s about creating fluidity and movement in the hair and sense of seamlessness between cut and color.

Mat Brown, a National Educator in Memphis, TN, has been very inspired by this collection and says, “I have utilized it with many of my guests in the salon and will continue to adapt it to other situations. It is very fitting of the collection name.”liquid motion picture 1

Matt continues by saying I love the use of stroke cutting in different areas of a haircut as well as lower and higher ranges of elevation to add softness and remove weight (in areas around the face for example). I also love the freedom of color placement encouraged within the collection. It expands upon what we have been seeing as trends.”

liquid motion picture 2

Kenya Menifee Littlejohn, a National Educator in Nashville, TN, loves the Eyen haircut, stating that “the movement from graduation into layering creates great fluidity in the movement of the hair.”

The Liquid Motion collection creates movement with multiple texturizing techniques and cutting foundations, and the color techniques meld multiple formulas together, creating modern dimension with the color XG®. The Liquid Motion collection is one of the many options available for complimentary in-salon education—be sure to take advantage of this opportunity! Contact your distributor to book a class for your salon.

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