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Long hair has become a goal for many people as of late. Men and women are currently questing for long, healthy locks, but often don’t know how to achieve this end result. Genetics play a major role in the hair on your guest’s head, but there are many other factors that are critical to improving and maintaining healthy locks. Here are some tips you can provide your guests:


A well-rounded diet is a key factor in hair and scalp health.  Protein is what makes up our hair.  If we consume the appropriate amount of protein in a day, it can directly affect the integrity of our hair and the rate that it grows. If for some reason we don’t take in enough protein, hair can become weak and brittle.  


On a day-to-day basis, we put a certain amount of physical wear and tear on our hair, from blow drying to brushing to even shampooing.  How much we shampoo our hair comes down to personal preference and individual needs—texture, density and how active a person is can determine how often they need to shampoo their hair. Always provide your guest with the proper Take Home product appropriate for their hair type and lifestyle.


A lot of our female guests use hot tools to style their hair on a daily basis. Instruct your guests to use the lowest heat setting and gradually increase the heat as necessary when styling their hair in between salon visits. Additionally, remind guests that about the importance and impact placement of hair ties and clips—changing up where pins and clips are pinned will protect hair from breaking. And lastly, remind guests that the right haircut can also decrease the amount of styling required on a daily basis!


The health of hair is greatly affected by the climate and environment. However, the many things that affect our hair day-to-day can be counterbalanced with the way we treat our hair. Thankfully, Paul Mitchell® has a treatment for nearly every hair type. It is imperative that a person treats their hair like a fine fabric. As hair grows it moves farther and farther away from the scalp. We can assume that the ends of our hair are the oldest part of our hair and they have been through everything we have been through in the past few years. We have to treat that hair with tender loving care. Treatments are the best way to give our hair what it needs. Dry hair needs MOISTURE. Weak hair needs STRENGTH. Some hair might need something more luxurious, such as a MASQUE.   

The long hair trend is here and it seems it’s not going anywhere any time soon. The more we are aware of the state of our guests’ hair, the better able we are to help them reach their hair goals. Hair needs attention just like our skin, nails and teeth. Help your guests stay educated and consistent on their quest for long, healthy hair.

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