Visual Merchandising 101


Visual merchandising plays a major role in the retail industry. It is so important to know how visual merchandising can have an impact on your Take Home sales in your salon. Think about stores where you frequently shop. I’m sure that they are using a variety of visual merchandising techniques. Here are a few key ones that can help keep your space working for you and not against you…

Make sure to change your displays and Take Home area every couple of months as it will keep the space fresh. Your guests will notice and appreciate these changes too.

Merchandise the products that make sense together. For example, shampoos and conditioners of the same line should be displayed next to each other. Styling products that compliment each other should also be situated next to one another on a shelf or in a display. By grouping products together, guests will feel encouraged to invest in multiple products or even a whole system.

Display promotional products in a special display area. Each time a new promotion is launched, display it in a designated space and really make it stand out. This will not only expose your guests to the new promotions but also leaves other space for the sale items.

Most importantly, your Take Home area should feel inviting. It should appeal to the senses, and also be functional. Visual merchandising can help promote sales and increase revenue. Keep in mind the impact that visual merchandising can have on your business. Remember to always be creative!

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