A Peek Inside Our POP XG Photoshoot


Preview: Ever wonder what goes into a John Paul Mitchell Systems Hair Color photoshoot? Here’s a sneak peek into the prep and the performance that make color dreams come true!

Photoshoots and the magic that goes into planning them really starts months and months before the day the hair color is mixed. Whether it’s a hair color launch, a brand expansion, an educational shoot or a strictly artistic shoot, the preparation is the most important part of the process. Here’s an inside look at what went into our photoshoot for POP XG!


All of the key players are involved here to be sure everyone is on the same page and we are communicating the same message. Lucie Doughty, John Paul Mitchell Systems’ Global Editorial Director, puts together a storyboard to share the overall mood, feeling, looks and colors to focus on. She shares this with Andrea Espinoza (Marketing Manager for Paul Mitchell® Professional Hair Color) who provides input from a marketing perspective. Next, Stephanie Kocielski (VP of Shows, Events and Education) and Robert Cromeans (Global Business and Artistic Director) share their enormous insight on how we envision education will be portrayed in the shoot.

The Shoot

Now for the day of! The artistic team gets together and discusses the flow of the day. One of my favorite things about our artistic team is that they look for every opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with the next generation of Paul Mitchell. A Rising Star is always invited to the shoots to not only add his/her personal skill set and perspective, but also to be shown the ropes from the leaders of our industry.

Once the day starts rolling—make-up, wardrobe and hair prep is complete—the step-by-step filming begins. This is my personal favorite part of the process! During the filming, the artists demonstrate innovative approaches to hair color, clean applications and a pace that really sets the tone for the whole collection. After processing (and maybe even a haircut), the final images are shot. One of our favorite photographers/videographers to work with is Darren Tieste—the magic and vision that this man delivers at these shoots are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. His direction for the models (and even for the artists!) is brilliant and it truly plays a huge role in how and why our hair color shoots are so successful.

That’s a Wrap

Once the day is wrapped, the team comes together and congratulates everyone for another beautiful piece of work. By the end of the day, the models feel like family and ask to stay in touch, we share funny behind-the-scenes photos/gifs with each other and then clean up as a team. I think the most impressive part of our John Paul Mitchell Systems family is that when we all come together at shoots or events, no one person is too important to roll up their sleeves and help set up or clean up. I believe that this sense of unity and overall love and respect everyone has for each other really shows in the final image that our customers and partners see at the end of the process. Everything that we love that’s behind the bottle is behind every photograph and video, too.

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