Building a Brand: Neon


Working on any photo shoot is a brilliant time in someone’s career. I was lucky enough to be invited to be a part of the team that worked on the Neon shoot—a new style-driven hair care line that celebrates what makes each of us unique. Paul Mitchell is working to launch this new, young brand, so in turn, a new, young team was brought in to build the Neon collection. You may even see some of these faces at upcoming shows and events!


Educators from all over the country were brought in to work on set. We worked with seasoned minds such as Robert Cromeans, Stephanie Kocielski, Lucie Doughty, Mary Cuomo and Julian Perlingiero. They were such a valuable asset to have there, guiding and mentoring us. Everyone worked as a team and we were all set up to win from our amazing leaders.


Robert was there to give us all of his artistic guidance and experience; Stephanie lent her eye to make sure that everything would translate into educational content; Lucie (in the Editorial Director position) helped us create the magic; and Julian and Mary were our amazing coaches. They all have so much experience in front of the camera and were there to make sure everything ran smoothly.



I can’t wait for this collection to launch! This brand and everything along with it will surely have a lasting impression on our industry.

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