How to Electrify Your Prom Night Style

Neon Owns the Night!

Special event styling has become increasingly popular in salons across the world. Teen’s and their parents especially are spending more in the salon to have a unique style for their special night. Learn how to integrate the Paul Mitchell Neon Electric Youth campaign throughout your salon. paul-mitchell-How to Make a Big Night Out Stand Out-Special-Display

Most salons and hairdressers are catching onto the craze. Hairdressers and salons are creating events and promotions for their guests to come in for special event styling. Some teams are even advertising and marketing their events on their social media platforms.

We now have Neon to help us create the perfect looks for a Prom. Get inspired with the Electric Youth step-by-step videos! With the help of Neon and Paul Mitchell® Pro Tools, we can create looks that stand out. We have created some very special products that allow us to create endless looks and textures. Sugar Spray is my favorite product! It gives your hair texture and definition without making it stiff or crunchy. I love to layer the product on from wet to dry to build the texture into the style.

paul-mitchell-new-now-Electric Youth Express Ion Tools-IG-mar-april-2016

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools is a brand that continues to grow and expand. We are constantly developing new tools to add to the family that allow us to manage all hair types and create limitless looks. From blow dryers to irons and brushes, we have every tool that is essential to finishing hair. My favorite tool right now is the Express Gold Curl™ Marcel. I love the Marcel irons for their versatility. I use the 1” iron to create everything from curls to waves. The end result is dictated by your section size (the smaller the section, the more curl you will have; the larger the section, the more wave you will have). Sugar Spray is a great way to finish off a loose texture in the hair!


Special-event styling is an exciting time in the salon. We should be educated on how to create styles that stand out for our guests. Paul Mitchell Pro Tools and Neon together can set us up to create all the looks your guests are asking for this season.

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