The Power of Social Media: Increasing Your Traffic

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Social Media is a huge part of today’s society. Everyone is using all different types of social media platforms to stay connected and to get informed — and it’s become a very important part of our industry as hairdressers. We can use it to share our work with the world, connect with our guests and other hairdressers in our industry, and even to increase our traffic in the salon.

Have some free time during the day? Using social media can help fill the day’s schedule. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using social media to increase your traffic on a slow day in the salon.

  1. Be Clear

Make sure that when you are posting to fill openings in your schedule that you are clear and to the point. Anyone who sees your post should be able to clearly know the details of the opening in your schedule. I like to make sure that I include the exact times of the openings, a phone number and name of the salon to make sure that the potential guest can easily get the reservation and find their way to the salon.

  1. Use Geo-Tagging

Take advantage of the surrounding businesses. I like to geo-tag the “cool” and “hip” areas around the salon. Doing this will expose your profile and your posts to people who visit those areas. If they look at the photos and posts that have geo-tagged that location then yours will be in that collection. I will constantly geo-tag places that have customers that would make good guests in my chair at the salon.

3.   Be Consistent

Consistency is key with social media. I am always sure to use a consistent layout and approach. I keep a template available for occasions when I have openings I am looking to fill. I am also sure to be consistent with my wording and my approach. If you are looking to fill openings throughout the week, it is smart to post consistently and to list your updated availability. This will make sure that your guests know what openings you have.

Use your social media account as a tool. It can be immensely valuable when creating your reputation and increasing your traffic in the salon. When used properly, it can have a huge impact on how many guests you have coming through your chair in the salon.

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