Fave Color Formulas Revealed: Fashion Tones

This year, we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary of color! And what better way to celebrate than to highlight our tribe. So, we went to Instagram to search your feeds and we were blown away with what we found. In this 2-part blog series, you’ll see some of our favorite color jobs, the formulas used to create them and a little background on each artist who manifested the look. You’ve already seen the natural tones. So what’s up next? Fashion tones!

Brittany Troche
When it comes to beauty, Brittany Troche knows a thing or two about the business. We wouldn’t just call her a jack of all trades, we’d go so far as to call her a maverick. Not only does she represent John Paul Mitchell Systems globally as the lead Makeup Artist/Designer for the artistic team, she’s also a master stylist, platform artist, salon coach and a Paul Mitchell Learning Leader.

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Website: www.BrittanyTroche.com

Brittany Troche_Purple

The Purple Pixie

the color XG at the base:
.3 oz. UTV + .4 oz. 10V + 3 oz. Violet intensifier used with equal parts of 10 vol Cream

.3 oz. UTV + .2 oz.UTA used with Equal parts 10 Vol cream

Prep with DPL and 20 vol cream from scalp to just before line of demarcation.

Brittany Troche_Rosequartz

Rosequartz with POP XG®

Color 1: Base of Purple Quartz Pink Flamingo, deepened with a few drops of Purple and Pink.

Color 2: Base of Pink Flamingo with a drop of Bordeaux.

Color 3: Base of equal parts Peachy Keen and Pink Flamingo deepened with a few drops of Orange, Yellow and Pink.

Color 4: Base of equal parts of Peachy Keen and Pink Flamingo, deepened with a 4 drops of Pink and 2 drops of Orange.

Erin Wheaton
When you make Beauty Launchpad’s “30 Under Thirty” spotlight, you must know a thing or two about color. And that’s exactly why Erin Wheaton, National Educator for JPMS and full-time stylist at Blue Skies Salon in Springfield, MO, has made our list, too!

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More about Erin: https://www.beautylaunchpad.com/thecoloristmag/30-under-thirty-get-to-know-colorist-erin-wheaton

Erin Wheaton_Blonde BEFORE  Erin Wheaton_Pink AFTER

Base touch-up formula:
2 oz. DPL + 2 oz. 20 vol Cream Developer

Rose formula:
The Color XG 1 oz. UTA + 1 oz. Red Intensifier + a 3″ ribbon of Violet Intensifier

3 oz. 10 vol Cream Developer

Apply this formula to damp hair at base, melting down into the mid-lengths. Let process 2-5 minutes before applying the same formula throughout the remaining sections of hair and let process for an additional 5-10 minutes.

Joey Rodrigues
Joey Rodrigues is no stranger to the Paul Mitchell The School family. Though he is now a Future Professional Advisor, he has also served as Mentor, Texture Specialist and Core Specialist and Education Team Lead. He has also worked closely with Global Artistic Director, Lucie Doughty on a variety of projects, and continues to share his passion and knowledge with others.

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Joey Rodriguez_Blorange 1

the demi in equal parts 9N + 9V with a capful of 6R
Model: Chase

Joey Rodrigues_Blue

Base – 1 oz. POP XG Diluter
2 inches with POP XG in Teal
Mids to ends – Paul Mitchell the color in UTP
Model: Jess

Joey Rodrigues_Lavendar

the color XG in UTV
2 inches of red intensifier
Model: Nicole

Tristan Elan
Tristan has been in the beauty industry for over 10 years. She is a graduate of Paul Mitchell The School and is currently a National Color Educator as well as the Color Specialist for Paul Mitchell The School Atlanta.

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Tristan_Yellow 4  Tristan_Yellow


POP XG in Yellow + some Teal. Try mixing with different amounts of teal, which will give you anything from a neon electric yellow to a neon green!

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