Celebrate Earth Month In Style


April is Earth Month and there’s no better time to help spread the #RootedInGreen message with Tea Tree products and promo materials designed to educate and inspire!

Turn Your Salon Into a Tea Tree Oasis
Create the ultimate green experience for your guests by decorating your salon with lush plants and succulents.

Hand every guest a Tea Tree Wash House Menu (see Ongoing Salon Support section) featuring the Indulgence of Water experience for a spa-like retreat they can’t get anywhere else. The Tea Tree Experience Salon Intro Kit offers fantastic new sustainable merchandising vehicles to take your green salon to the next level.

Be part of the change for a better tomorrow! All it takes is a few adjustments and different choices in your salon such as curbing water usage, energy consumption and chemical by-products. Other great ways to green your salon:

• Collect salon waste and repurpose it instead of putting it in a landfill.
• Gather hair clippings to help soak up oil spills.
• Recycle used foils into energy and new metals.
• Neutralize residual dye waste with salts and water, while solid components are diverted to a hazardous waste area.
Save Energy
• Implement energy and water-saving systems, which save resources and money.
Learn More
• For a helpful resource guide on sustainable materials, visit epa.gov/smm.

Encourage Your Guests to Plant Free Trees
Utilize sustainable POP, shelftalkers and bamboo counter toppers and March/April care duos in chic, recycled paper craft displays that highlight Tea Tree’s support of Reforest’Action, an initiative to plant trees worldwide in the areas they’re needed most.

Be sure to direct guests to https://www.paulmitchell.com/company/reforestaction/ where they can plant a FREE tree online using the code TeaTree18 or click here to plant now!

Keep the Green Going Online
Download the Tea Tree digital toolkit to keep guests and potential guests updated on your events, promotions, sales and your salon’s latest green sustainable developments or offerings on your own website.

Engage guests on your social media channels by reposting @TeaTreeHairCare content for Earth Month. Challenge clients to post digital trees with Reforest’Action. Follow local wellness, green beauty and eco-friendly influencers on Instagram to make new connections, and follow their followers to expand your reach.

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