And the Winner Is…

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. We’re excited to announce the winners of our 3rd Annual Color Outside the Lines competition! Grand prize winners will receive airfare and hotel accommodations to attend Gathering, where they will be recognized during an on-stage presentation. They will also have the opportunity to be part of a Paul Mitchell® collection shoot with airfare and hotel accommodations included! (The JPMS team will be in touch with the winners in the coming days to arrange for their prizes.)

Each year, we’re incredibly impressed by the caliber of talent represented in our submissions—and this year was no exception. Because the pool of submissions was especially commendable this year, we’ve chosen to do something different: pull a few submissions to recognize as honorable mentions alongside our winners! Join us in giving a virtual round of applause to these exceptional submissions that we’re highlighting as honorable mentions below.

Congratulations to our winners and honorable mentions!



Best National Entry—Creative Makeover:
Tristan Elan Sutrisno,
San Diego, CA (Educator at Paul Mitchell The School San Diego)

-Starting Level: 3 on regrowth, 7/8 on canvas
-Lightened with SynchroLift® + 20 Volume
-Overlaid with (all POP XG® color):
Burnt Orange: created with (1) Orange + 1/2-inch ribbon of Blue
Sunset Orange: created with (1) Yellow + (1/4) Pink
Antique Teal: created with (1) Diluter + (1/2) Teal + 1/2-inch ribbon of Orange
Rosé: created with (1) Diluter + (1/4) Bordeaux + (1/4) Pink


Best National Entry—Natural Makeover:
Regan Freeman, @_hairegan_
Yakima, WA (Belu Salon)

-Starting level: Natural level 6/7
-Formula 1: SynchroLift® + 10 Volume
-Formula 2: SynchroLift® + 15 Volume
-Formula 3: SynchroLift® + 20 Volume
-Formula 4: 1.5 oz. the color UTP + 1.5 oz. 5 Volume + 9 Violet Colorshots®
-Formula 5: 2 oz. Color Craft® Custom Color Treatment + 20 pumps Misty Violet Liquid Color Concentrate + 20 pumps Ash Walnut Liquid Color Concentrate
-Formula 6: 3 oz. POP XG® Opalescent + pea size dot Royal Purple


Best Student Entry—Creative Makeover:
Paige Anderson
Pewaukee, WI (Paul Mitchell The School Milwaukee)

-Starting level: 3,6
-Pre-lighten: Dual-Purpose Lightener + 40 Volume
-Shades Used (all POP XG®):
0.25 oz. Midnight + 1 oz. Purple Quartz
2 oz. Purple Quartz
1 oz. Tropical Blue + 1 oz. Opalescent
2 oz. Pink Flamingo


Best Student Entry—Natural Makeover:
Evangeline Maliones, @art.of.eva
Schiller Park, IL (Paul Mitchell The School Lombard)

-Starting level: 3 on virgin hair
-Balayage side panels with equal amounts of the color XG® 5VR and 6RV, with 20 volume developer
-Gloss top panels with equal amounts of PM SHINES® 3N Espresso Shot and 3RB Chocolate Cherry
-Applied 2 oz. PM SHINES® 3V + 4 oz. Processing Liquid on nape and occipital area



Creative Makeover—International Winner:
Mahmutllari S. Saimir,
Greece (Miro Miro Hair Salon)

-Starting level: 4, canvas level: 10
-Prep: Forever Blonde® SynchroLift® plus 20 Volume Cream Developer (Platinum Card)
-Toner: 20 ml. THE DEMI 9A + 2 ml. THE DEMI 3A + 22 Paul Mitchell Processing Liquid
-Color Formula (all POP XG®):
20 ml. Peachy Keen + 5 ml. Diluter
20 ml. Purple Quartz + 20 ml. Diluter
40 ml. Purple Quartz + 40 ml. Midnight


Natural Makeover—International Winner:
Ruslan KhanMagomedov, @khan.ruslan
Russia (Paul Mitchell Salon St. Petersburg)

Check back. Formula coming soon!


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Honorable Mention: National Entry—Creative Makeover:
Sydney Dry
University Park, FL (Cutting Loose Salon)

-Starting natural level: 4
-Color remover: POP XG™ Reducer + 10 volume
-Lightening technique: Dual-Purpose Lightener + 20 volume (platinum card placement)
-Toner after blonding: 20 grams the Demi 9PA + 20 grams 8N + 40 grams processing liquid
-Color (all POP XG®):
-Army green (base color): 20 grams Green + 20 grams Midnight
-Burnt orange: 27 grams Orange + 3 grams Bordeaux + 10 grams Yellow
-Blue green: 20 grams Teal + 20 grams Blue
-Light green: 30 grams Green + 10 grams Yellow
-Pink: 20 grams Pink + 10 grams Bordeaux
-Yellow orange: 30 grams Yellow + 2 grams Orange
-Teal Blue: 37 grams Teal + 3 grams Blue


Honorable Mention: National Entry—Natural Makeover:
Erica Liercke
Culver City, CA (The Compound Salon)

-Canvas Level: 2 and 7
-Formula 1 (Virgin Base): 1.5 oz. Paul Mitchell the color XG® 5MT + .5 oz. 4A + 30 Volume
-Formula 2 (Neutralization Base): 1 oz. Paul Mitchell the color XG® 6PN + 1 oz 5A + 10 Volume
-Formula 3 (Babylight): 1 scoop SynchroLift® + 10 Volume
-Formula 4 (Balayage): 1 scoop Skylight® + 40 Volume
-Formula 5 (Toner Tap): 1.5 oz. The Demi 4N + .5 oz. 3G + Processing Liquid
-Formula 6 (Blonde Toner): 2 oz. The Demi 9PA + 1.5 oz. 9N + .5 oz. 9g + Processing Liquid


Honorable Mention: Best Student Entry—Creative Makeover:
Nichole Smith
Overland Park, KS (Paul Mitchell the School Overland Park)

-Starting level: natural level 7, with level 8 balayage
-Pre-lighten: 2 scoops Dual-Purpose Lightener + 4 oz. 30 Volume (2 sessions, second session w/ 20 Volume)
-Toner: 2 oz. UTP + 2 oz. 5 Volume
-Dirty root: 2 oz. The Demi 8PA + 2 oz. Processing Liquid
-Top purple: 10 grams POP XG® Purple Quartz + 4 grams Purple
-Bottom silver/light lilac: 22 grams POP XG® Purple Quartz + 6 grams Purple
-Blue: POP XG® Tropical Blue


Honorable Mention: Best Student Entry—Natural Makeover:
McKenzie Durbin
Overland Park, KS (Paul Mitchell the School Overland Park)

-Starting level: 9
-Platinum blonde, neutral brown: .8 oz. UTP + .2 oz. UTA + 1 oz. the color 7N
-Volume of developer: 20


Creative Makeover—International Honorable Mention:
Youlin Tsai, Taiwan (Una Hair Salon)

Check back. Formula coming soon!


Natural Makeover—International Honorable Mention:
Chung Yen Chi, Taiwan, (Una Hair Salon)

Check back. Formula coming soon!


Natural Makeover—International Honorable Mention:
Alexandra Druzinina, Russia, (Redpoint Salon St. Petersburg)

Check back. Formula coming soon!

Thank you for all of your incredible submissions! Join us as we continue to ring in 20 years of Paul Mitchell® Professional Hair Color. Click here for more ways to join the celebration.

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