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The Power of Social Media: Increasing Your Traffic

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Social Media is a huge part of today’s society. Everyone is using all different types of social media platforms to stay connected and to get informed — and it’s become a very important part of our industry as hairdressers. We can use it to share our work with the world, connect with our guests and other hairdressers in our industry, and even to increase our traffic in the salon.

Have some free time during the day? Using social media can help fill the day’s schedule. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using social media to increase your traffic on a slow day in the salon.

  1. Be Clear

Make sure that when you are posting to fill openings in your schedule that you are clear and to the point. Anyone who sees your post should be able to clearly know the details of the opening in your schedule. I like to make sure that I include the exact times of the openings, a phone number and name of the salon to make sure that the potential guest can easily get the reservation and find their way to the salon.

  1. Use Geo-Tagging

Take advantage of the surrounding businesses. I like to geo-tag the “cool” and “hip” areas around the salon. Doing this will expose your profile and your posts to people who visit those areas. If they look at the photos and posts that have geo-tagged that location then yours will be in that collection. I will constantly geo-tag places that have customers that would make good guests in my chair at the salon.

3.   Be Consistent

Consistency is key with social media. I am always sure to use a consistent layout and approach. I keep a template available for occasions when I have openings I am looking to fill. I am also sure to be consistent with my wording and my approach. If you are looking to fill openings throughout the week, it is smart to post consistently and to list your updated availability. This will make sure that your guests know what openings you have.

Use your social media account as a tool. It can be immensely valuable when creating your reputation and increasing your traffic in the salon. When used properly, it can have a huge impact on how many guests you have coming through your chair in the salon.

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How to Electrify Your Prom Night Style

Neon Owns the Night!

Special event styling has become increasingly popular in salons across the world. Teen’s and their parents especially are spending more in the salon to have a unique style for their special night. Learn how to integrate the Paul Mitchell Neon Electric Youth campaign throughout your salon. paul-mitchell-How to Make a Big Night Out Stand Out-Special-Display

Most salons and hairdressers are catching onto the craze. Hairdressers and salons are creating events and promotions for their guests to come in for special event styling. Some teams are even advertising and marketing their events on their social media platforms.

We now have Neon to help us create the perfect looks for a Prom. Get inspired with the Electric Youth step-by-step videos! With the help of Neon and Paul Mitchell® Pro Tools, we can create looks that stand out. We have created some very special products that allow us to create endless looks and textures. Sugar Spray is my favorite product! It gives your hair texture and definition without making it stiff or crunchy. I love to layer the product on from wet to dry to build the texture into the style.

paul-mitchell-new-now-Electric Youth Express Ion Tools-IG-mar-april-2016

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools is a brand that continues to grow and expand. We are constantly developing new tools to add to the family that allow us to manage all hair types and create limitless looks. From blow dryers to irons and brushes, we have every tool that is essential to finishing hair. My favorite tool right now is the Express Gold Curl™ Marcel. I love the Marcel irons for their versatility. I use the 1” iron to create everything from curls to waves. The end result is dictated by your section size (the smaller the section, the more curl you will have; the larger the section, the more wave you will have). Sugar Spray is a great way to finish off a loose texture in the hair!


Special-event styling is an exciting time in the salon. We should be educated on how to create styles that stand out for our guests. Paul Mitchell Pro Tools and Neon together can set us up to create all the looks your guests are asking for this season.

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Are You Ready For MANuary?


Have you hopped on the “MANuary” train? If you’ve heard about it, but aren’t quite sure what it is, you’re not alone. Here’s how to incorporate this growing trend into your salon and lifestyle:

So what is MANuary exactly?

MANuary is a movement dedicated to raising funds to support cutting-edge medical research and improving clinical care for patients suffering from head and neck cancer—the sixth most common cancer worldwide. MANuary’s goal is to improve cure rates and the quality of life for patients suffering from this disease.

Want to make a difference? It’s as simple as putting down your razor and letting that facial hair grow, grow, grow all month long. So gather your friends and challenge each other to see who can grow the longest beard during MANuary. Not only will your morning routine be a little faster, but you’ll be supporting an important cause. Good luck, and have a great month!

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Which MITCH® Cocktail Is Right for Your Client?

Sometimes choosing the right product for your “look” can be a challenge. And as a hairdresser behind the chair, it can be tough to choose the right product for your salon guest. Fortunately, combining and cocktailing products together to get the look you want may be the solution you’ve been looking for all along.

Here are some of my favorite product cocktails for men’s styles:


Awapuhi Wild Ginger® Texturizing Sea Spray® + Tea Tree Shaping Cream

A texturizing spray is a must-have for style options. The texturizing sea spray adds “grit” to the hair and gives it that “fresh off the beach” feel. It also makes skinny strands plump by adding volume to fine hair. I use this product on damp hair and blow-dry the hair into a style. The blow-dry, with the aid of the texturizing sea spray, will set you up to win. Finish the look with Tea Tree Shaping Cream. The shaping cream is a great tool that gives just the right amount of separation to the hair. I love the matte finish of this shaping cream for all hair types.


MITCH Hardwired® + MITCH Clean Cut®

Sometimes we need a little more control with our styles. MITCH Hardwired is such a versatile tool for styling wet to dry. When the product is applied to damp hair, it can easily be distributed with the help of the moisture in the hair. I love working with products during the blow-dry because it can give you more control when styling. Once the hair is dry, move in with MITCH Clean Cut. Clean Cut gives the hair a moderate hold and a medium shine. It’s great for that guy who wants just the right amount of shine to the hair. I love to comb or brush the hair into a final shape once the product is applied.


MITCH Barber’s Classic® + MITCH Reformer®

In some situations, the right solution is a product cocktail on dry hair. Reformer and Barber’s Classic are the perfect balance of opposites. Reformer is a matte finish with a strong hold; Barber’s Classic is a moderate hold with a high-shine finish. Mixing the two products together can give you a fantastic texture with shine and separation.


MITCH Construction Paste® + MITCH Matterial

Construction Paste is one of my favorite products to use on damp hair. It gives the hair a great foundation for the style. The elastic mesh fiber texture is brilliant to work the style from wet to dry. Finishing the hair with Matterial helps set the style and with that ideal matte finish.

As salon hairdressers, it’s our job to use and recommend the right product cocktail to give each guest the look he’s seeking.

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Building a Brand: Neon


Working on any photo shoot is a brilliant time in someone’s career. I was lucky enough to be invited to be a part of the team that worked on the Neon shoot—a new style-driven hair care line that celebrates what makes each of us unique. Paul Mitchell is working to launch this new, young brand, so in turn, a new, young team was brought in to build the Neon collection. You may even see some of these faces at upcoming shows and events!


Educators from all over the country were brought in to work on set. We worked with seasoned minds such as Robert Cromeans, Stephanie Kocielski, Lucie Doughty, Mary Cuomo and Julian Perlingiero. They were such a valuable asset to have there, guiding and mentoring us. Everyone worked as a team and we were all set up to win from our amazing leaders.


Robert was there to give us all of his artistic guidance and experience; Stephanie lent her eye to make sure that everything would translate into educational content; Lucie (in the Editorial Director position) helped us create the magic; and Julian and Mary were our amazing coaches. They all have so much experience in front of the camera and were there to make sure everything ran smoothly.



I can’t wait for this collection to launch! This brand and everything along with it will surely have a lasting impression on our industry.

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Visual Merchandising 101


Visual merchandising plays a major role in the retail industry. It is so important to know how visual merchandising can have an impact on your Take Home sales in your salon. Think about stores where you frequently shop. I’m sure that they are using a variety of visual merchandising techniques. Here are a few key ones that can help keep your space working for you and not against you…

Make sure to change your displays and Take Home area every couple of months as it will keep the space fresh. Your guests will notice and appreciate these changes too.

Merchandise the products that make sense together. For example, shampoos and conditioners of the same line should be displayed next to each other. Styling products that compliment each other should also be situated next to one another on a shelf or in a display. By grouping products together, guests will feel encouraged to invest in multiple products or even a whole system.

Display promotional products in a special display area. Each time a new promotion is launched, display it in a designated space and really make it stand out. This will not only expose your guests to the new promotions but also leaves other space for the sale items.

Most importantly, your Take Home area should feel inviting. It should appeal to the senses, and also be functional. Visual merchandising can help promote sales and increase revenue. Keep in mind the impact that visual merchandising can have on your business. Remember to always be creative!

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Don’t Forget the Dudes! Big Night Out Styles for Men

It’s the time of year—weddings, proms, graduations and more. Now is the time to remind your guests that you can help them look and feel their best for important occasions. And while much of the attention goes to brides and women in general, there is a missed opportunity to talk to men about special occasion styling—after all, they have to look handsome as well! Here are a few modern styles you can style on your male guests and demonstrate how to replicate at-home for a big occasions.

MITCH Image 1


Weddings are becoming more and more frequent with my circle of friends.  I am always helping the grooms and groomsmen figure out the best way to wear their hair. Currently, many men are wearing a haircut that is short on the sides with a longer disconnected top. When styling for weddings, I suggest blow-drying this style to get the best end result.

  • Prep damp hair with MITCH® Steady Grip® for a natural shine that keeps gents flake-free all night.  
  • Use a 407 Styling Brush to get maximum tension when blow drying the hair.  
  • Once the hair is dry, lightly mist the hair with Stay Strong® hairspray.  This will give the style a firm-hold so they don’t look disheveled halfway through the night.   

MITCH Image 2


Prom is another huge event on the radar for young gentlemen—an event where they definitely want to look their best. Along with picking out the right suit, guys always have to make sure their hairstyle is something they will be proud of 20 years down the road when mom pulls the photo album out.  Again, I can’t stress enough how important it is to blow dry hair for style longevity.  

  • Prep damp hair with Ultimate Wave® (this beachy-texture cream gel builds in a grit to the hair).
  • Once the hair has been dried, apply a small amount of MITCH® Reformer. This stronghold/matte finish texturizer will give the hair a gritty modern finish.  

MITCH Image 3


An important work event calls for a great hairstyle. Sometimes these evenings are something guys look forward to and sometimes we have to motivate ourselves to get out there and be seen.  Whichever one it is, guys want to own the evening with a great style and confidence.

These three modern styles will help your male guests feel confident for any important occasion. Check out the complete MITCH and Tea Tree line-up to familiarize yourself with Take Home options for your male guests and ensure they have everything they need to re-create their salon style before their big night. And, encourage your guests to show us their big night out style with #OwnYourPM on Instagram.

Tips and Tricks for Healthy Hair

Selena Gomez out and about, London, Britain - 23 Sep 2015
Image via Beretta/Sims/REX Shutterstock

Long hair has become a goal for many people as of late. Men and women are currently questing for long, healthy locks, but often don’t know how to achieve this end result. Genetics play a major role in the hair on your guest’s head, but there are many other factors that are critical to improving and maintaining healthy locks. Here are some tips you can provide your guests:


A well-rounded diet is a key factor in hair and scalp health.  Protein is what makes up our hair.  If we consume the appropriate amount of protein in a day, it can directly affect the integrity of our hair and the rate that it grows. If for some reason we don’t take in enough protein, hair can become weak and brittle.  


On a day-to-day basis, we put a certain amount of physical wear and tear on our hair, from blow drying to brushing to even shampooing.  How much we shampoo our hair comes down to personal preference and individual needs—texture, density and how active a person is can determine how often they need to shampoo their hair. Always provide your guest with the proper Take Home product appropriate for their hair type and lifestyle.


A lot of our female guests use hot tools to style their hair on a daily basis. Instruct your guests to use the lowest heat setting and gradually increase the heat as necessary when styling their hair in between salon visits. Additionally, remind guests that about the importance and impact placement of hair ties and clips—changing up where pins and clips are pinned will protect hair from breaking. And lastly, remind guests that the right haircut can also decrease the amount of styling required on a daily basis!


The health of hair is greatly affected by the climate and environment. However, the many things that affect our hair day-to-day can be counterbalanced with the way we treat our hair. Thankfully, Paul Mitchell® has a treatment for nearly every hair type. It is imperative that a person treats their hair like a fine fabric. As hair grows it moves farther and farther away from the scalp. We can assume that the ends of our hair are the oldest part of our hair and they have been through everything we have been through in the past few years. We have to treat that hair with tender loving care. Treatments are the best way to give our hair what it needs. Dry hair needs MOISTURE. Weak hair needs STRENGTH. Some hair might need something more luxurious, such as a MASQUE.   

The long hair trend is here and it seems it’s not going anywhere any time soon. The more we are aware of the state of our guests’ hair, the better able we are to help them reach their hair goals. Hair needs attention just like our skin, nails and teeth. Help your guests stay educated and consistent on their quest for long, healthy hair.

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Trend Report: Men’s Hairstyles for 2016

2016 is here and in full swing, and with the arrival of the New Year comes new trends for men’s grooming. This year, we’ll see an evolution of current men’s styles that play off of popular looks from last year and some completely new looks. Here’s what you can expect to see from the growing subset that is men’s grooming:



Image via Esquire

We’ve seen some guys grow their hair out into a style that requires more maintenance than average men’s styles, but this year men will go for more simple cuts that are easy to maintain. Say hello to the buzz cut—a short and easy style.


Getty Images via Fashionbeans

Image via Fashionbeans

Many people are unsure about what a cropped haircut is on a man. Let me clarify: The style is short in the back and on the sides of the head, and the top lengths are slightly longer and easily styled forward or steered to one side. This look is quick and easy to style for men who still like to have their routine. 


special hairstyles

Image via Special Hairstyles 

In 2016, we will see men shift their look into something different from the clean taper.  Men will grow their hair out slightly to achieve a more layered look on the sides and back of the head.  The goal would be to maintain a clean polished style with more of a lived-in edge.


Royal Academy Summer Exhibition VIP preview, London, Britain - 03 Jun 2015

Image via REX USA

Beard growing was a highlight of 2015, but we will see a slight shift in the world of facial hair for 2016.  Facial hair will continue to be popular, but men will wear it in a more groomed fashion, likely in the form of short, neat beards. Just enough, but not too much. 

Keep these styles in mind when your guests request a new look for the New Year.  

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Men’s Styling Tips for Your Guests: MITCH® Matterial

Plenty of men admit that styling their own hair is a challenge. Thankfully, with a full line-up of men’s grooming products available to us from MITCH and our professional expertise, we can help our male guests achieve great style with ease. Today, we are going to learn some quick styling techniques using new MITCH® Matterial™.

Matterial is a powerful styling clay that bulks up texture with a dry, ultra-matte finish. This new product creates a matte feel and eliminates shine making it a great product choice for guys with fine and/or skinny hair fabric. The texture is creates makes hair look and feel thicker.

Here are the tips I give my male guests who are looking for a fuller, more textured style:

Start with clean, towel dried or blow-dried hair. The end style will last longer if hair is blow dried before applying product.

Matterial 1

Apply a small amount of MITCH Matterial to the hands and emulsify the product. Work the product into both hands thoroughly before applying to the hair.

Matterial 2

Matterial 3

Begin the application with a “shoe shine” technique one hand at a time. This will ensure that the product is evenly distributed through the hair. By starting with the “shoe shine” technique the hair won’t have too much separation at the scalp. Most guys don’t love seeing a lot of their scalp.

Matterial 4

With stubborn hairlines and growth patterns, use the palm of the hand to “smear” the hair in the direction desired.

Matterial 5

Detail the look as desired to create the finished look.

Matterial 6