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Curl Talk With LaDonna Dryer

LaDonna Dryer is a salon owner and texture expert who specializes in cutting and styling curly hair. Here, LaDonna gives us the scoop on her favorite tips using the new Tea Tree Lavender Mint collection for curly and natural hair.



Lavender Mint Moisturizing Cowash is a new product to the Tea Tree brand. When would you choose to use a cowash versus a regular shampoo?

It doesn’t have to be either/or. A cowash is a wonderful asset to use in addition to the other Tea Tree shampoos. Using both can make a complete shampoo regimen. The cowash gives you conditioning and hydrating elements with a very gentle cleanse to your scalp in between the deep hair cleanses of your regular Tea Tree shampoo. If a client deep cleanses with Lavender Mint, Tea Tree Special or Lemon Sage weekly, the cowash can be partnered in between to gently cleanse the scalp and nourish dry, coarse or textured hair for easier management.



We’ve been talking a lot about the LOC method. What does this refer to?

L is for leave-in conditioner that is liquid-based and provides the moisture (for example, Lavender Mint Leave-In Conditioner). O is for oil, which locks in moisture (like Lavender Mint Nourishing Oil). C is for cream, which helps seal in moisture (like Lavender Mint Taming Cream).

The LOC method helps curls that struggle to retain moisture. What makes the method unique is the order in which it is applied. It is a layering technique as opposed to a cocktail. There is no one-size-fits-all amount that you put in for each product. It is customizable to fit the thirst levels and weight desired on the hair. I think our general excitement comes from knowing that we can get all three products needed to accomplish this on any level from the Tea Tree Lavender Mint collection!



What are your favorite Lavender Mint product cocktails to control and define curls?

Right now, I’m all into the Lavender Mint Defining Gel. Depending on the moisture levels I want to achieve or the slip I want when executing naturally curly styles, I’ve been mixing it with either the Lavender Mint Taming Cream or Lavender Mint Moisture Milk. The Lavender Mint Nourishing Oil is also a good cocktail ingredient to add hydration and shine to any product.



When you’re doing twists, Bantu knots and protective styles, what one product is a must-have?

That’s a tough one… Mostly that depends on the textures I’m working with when creating protective styles. But I would say, if I had to choose one consistent must-have, it would be the Lavender Mint Nourishing Oil. Because the hair is usually ‘protected’ for a length of time, the oil ensures that the hair will still feel amazingly hydrated, but not weighted, when they get ready to switch to a new style. The texture of the hair will dictate how much oil I use and how I use it—as a treatment, as part of the blowdry, or as an aid to finishing for protective styles.



What Take HomeSM products do you recommend for your weekly guests?

It makes weekly guests feel good to have an oil in their wardrobe, so without a doubt the Lavender Mint Nourishing Oil. For those weekly guests that embrace ‘wash and wears’ (wearing their hair in its naturally curly form), there’s an opportunity to recommend every one of the new products in the Lavender Mint collection. Although not a new product, I also recommend the Conditioning Leave-In Spray.

For more information about the new Tea Tree Lavender Mint Collection, click here.

Editorial Director Noogie Thai Talks Neuro®

Known for his innovative, high-fashion looks and for his work during Hollywood’s award season, Editorial Director Noogie Thai shares his extended commentary, knowledge, and tips and tricks about the newest products from Neuro®.



Q: There are so many great products in the Neuro® lineup, which is your fave?

A: My new favorite would have to be the Neuro® Curl XL. I love creating long hairstyles that are effortless, modern and glamorous. The new Neuro® Curl XL’s 1.75″ barrel allows me to speed through the whole head while the IsoTherm titanium surface polishes and creates the perfect wave—ideal for red-carpet styles or a night out on the town.



Q: We know you love layering Prime and Reshape. Why do these two complement each other?

A: I love layering Neuro™ products for the best styling support. Neuro™ Prime and Neuro™ Reshape are the perfect marriage of prep, protect and memory. Prime gives me the sleek and silky finish that I want while Reshape gives me the style memory that I need, all while protecting the hair from heat for the perfect style.



Q: Who are the ideal clients for Reshape?

A: Neuro™ Reshape is perfect for all clients that heat style their hair. From blow-drying to iron work, Reshape will help these clients repair, protect and style their hair. Reshape will protect the hair while giving great style memory to any curl or wave.

Neuro™ Reshape HeatCTRL® Memory Styler

Multiple looks, 1 application, 0 damage.*

*Compared to untreated hair. Results may vary. Product was tested by an independent third party laboratory. Results may vary

 Neuro® Guide 1.25″ Styling Rod

Retractable, built-in comb designed to distribute hair evenly while styling.


Neuro® Smooth XL – 1.5″ Smoothing Iron

Wider iron designed for long, thick and coarse hair textures.

Neuro® Curl XL – 1.75″ Curling Iron

Extra-large barrel ideal for long lengths of hair.



Q: The Guide is a new tool from Neuro®, what’s your favorite way to use it?

A: My favorite use for the Neuro® Guide is creating chic modern waves on medium length hair. The retractable comb on the 1.25″ barrel helps me grip and control the hair as I curl. Using the comb to detangle as I wave the hair in different directions and retracting the comb when I get close to the ends easily creates the on-trend texture that everyone wants.


Click here to learn more about what’s new with Neuro®.

Muted Metallics: A Dreamy Play on Pastels

A trio of luminous shades from The Demi featuring Lavender, Rose Gold and Silver offer stylists enchanting hair color options for their guests. These new diffused shades can be used individually for an all-over trending tone or applied with multiple shades side by side for seamless creative color. Colin Caruso, Artistic Director of Professional Hair Color, shares what makes this new collection special.



Q: The launch of Muted Metallics is an exciting addition to The Demi. What can you tell us about these three new shades?

A: The Demi Muted Metallics in Rose Gold, Lavender and Silver bring a modern feel to the popular pastel trend. These muted tones provide an edginess to guests who are looking for a subtle pop of color. As demi-permanent shades, Muted Metallics offer a bit more longevity, as well as the shine and condition that The Demi is known for.



Q: How can guests maintain their Muted Metallics look at home?

A: A great way for guests to maintain their color between salon visits is with Color Craft®. The Custom Color Treatment can be customized by the stylist just for them.


Q: What are some ways a stylist can benefit behind the chair from these new shades?

A: Stylists can use Muted Metallics as an all-over color, an accent color to bring together other tones used within the hair, and a veil of color, if used as a refinement to blonde. The creative possibilities are endless! The best results are on pre-lightened blonde hair. Plus, the timed intensity gives the stylist control over how much tonal deposit they are looking for.



Q: Can you share some business building tips concerning the trend shift from bright, vivid tones to soft, muted shades?

A: Today, the average guest is much more open to the playfulness of fun shades, but she doesn’t want to be known as the “purple hair mom.” The muted hair color trend we are seeing allows for this guest to play with fun color. Adding it into their current color placement will give guests diffused, peeks of color.

It’s a great way to add on a color service and keep them coming back, because they feel heard.

 For more information about Muted Metallics, click here.

A Snapshot of Hawaii Seminar

Have you come back from the beautiful beaches of Hawaii feeling refreshed and inspired? From scenic and serene Oahu, Hawaii Seminar always offers unparalleled educational opportunities, as well as a unique glimpse into the history behind John Paul Mitchell Systems®.



This year, hosted at the historic Royal Hawaiian Resort by Angus Mitchell, Hawaii Seminar featured amazing demos from industry leading artists, Robert Cromeans, Colin Caruso, Heather Kaanoi, Noogie Thai, Cristiano Cora, Marco Iafrate, Fern Andong and Mary Cuomo, and business coaching from Antony Whitaker. We mixed up Color Craft, learned how the masters use the InTENsely Cool series of The Demi, participated in a photo shoot, got a great goody bag filled with products to take home—including yet-to-be-released Neuro® tools (!)—and—the true highlight—enjoyed bonding with and working alongside other likeminded JPMS™ artists from across the world (#JPMSProud!).



2019’s seminar also hosted the premiere of the first episode of Style Trip, our brand-new webisode series hosted by Colin Caruso. Fittingly filmed in Hawaii, the first episode features Angus Mitchell, and traces the origins of what would later become John Paul Mitchell Systems®. (You can watch it here.)



Didn’t make it out this year? Relive some of the seminar’s other highlights at #HawaiiSeminar. We’ll see you there next time!


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How To Get the Undone Texture, Volume and Definition with New Invisiblewear® Stylers

Get the lowdown from Artistic Director Heather Ka’anoi on our latest product innovations and styling tips for the limitless possibilities of the Invisiblewear® Collection.



Q: What are the key differences among Cloud Whip, Velvet Cream and Air Gel?

A: I worked with these products while they were in development and it was important for them to fit within the line as well as stand alone. The biggest difference you will notice with all three is the surreal feeling of the transformative formulas. They are like nothing else we’ve done before.



Q: How do these products fit into the complete Invisiblewear® line?

A: These three new stylers take relaxed, lived-in looks to the next level. The soft, touchable textures allow for limitless styling possibilities. The convenient salon card chart helps identify each product’s key benefit, how it works, when to use it, what it pairs well with, and a pro tip to help redefine the undone styling experience for salons and guests alike.


Q: When do you use Invisiblewear® on a guest? What do they love about it?

A: I have a full range of clients, so what I love about this line is that it gives everyone a youthful look, no matter their age. They love the scent and how touchable their hair feels. Sometimes, I use the Dry Shampoo and Undone Texture Hairspray on my guest before I start a service. I like to give them an idea of how Invisiblewear® can extend their style on day two or three, after they leave the salon—and they love it!



Q: Any secret tips about the line you would like to share?

A: Undone hair does not always have to be perfect beach waves. I love using Volume Whip® on my guests with natural waves to enhance and naturally diffuse the texture. Memory Shaper™ is also great for prepping curly hair before a cut to keep curls soft, shiny and manageable.


How To: Fringe Haircut and Undone, Wavy Hairstyle with Invisiblewear®

Learn from Editorial Director Noogie Thai and Heather how to create a long, layered haircut with fringe. Then, follow along and style your new cut into an undone wavy look using the new Dream Texture Collection from Invisiblewear®.


How To: Short Hairstyle with Piecey Definition and Texture Using Invisiblewear®

Using Invisiblewear®, Noogie and Heather walk you through how to work a pixie cut into a hairstyle with piecey texture. Then, as a bonus, watch as they demo how to revive second and third-day hair.

Click here to explore more about Invisiblewear.

Why You Should Switch to Paul Mitchell® Professional Hair Color

Thinking about switching over fully to Paul Mitchell® Professional Color? There’s never been a better time to mix things up! For a limited time, we’re offering two low-commitment color kits at incredible values, so you can try (and fall in love with) some of our most popular color products.

There are many reasons why so many creative and business-savvy professionals swear by PM color—especially Paul Mitchell’s the color XG® and The Demi. We’re rounding up some of the top reasons you’ll love each line.

the color XG

What’s the color XG?

Reliable, high-performance permanent hair color that creates the shade you want every time.

Why you’ll love it:

  • It provides up to 100% gray coverage
  • Its wide range of 86 shades covers more formulation options
  • DYESMART® System ensures maximum color penetration and predictability
  • It’s vegan—making it an inclusive option that can help satisfy more clients’ needs
  • Works with Paul Mitchell Cream Developers
  • Pure XG Protection System—featuring a blend of soothing ingredients, like cottonseed oil and rice milk—leaves hair shiny and healthy

The Demi

What’s The Demi?

Deposit-only, gentle, ammonia-free demi-permanent hair color.

Why you’ll love it:

  • The Demi is quick + easy to use
  • The line offers over 30 shades—including our new cool-toned level 10 series, ideal for high-level blondes
  • It’s an ideal pick for toning
  • It’s intermixable, allowing for unlimited formulations
  • Opaque gel color adds rich shine
  • Gentle, conditioning formula

Ready to see these perks for yourself? Each of our limited Take A Test Drive kits allows you to choose your own shades and comes with free color support guides + added goodies—like a free balayage kit or apron.

Outside of the great benefits each of our color products has to offer, when you switch to Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color, you’ll also have access to free stylist support and our robust loyalty program.

What’re you waiting for? Learn more about Paul Mitchell Professional Color here.

Step Up Your Color Game in 2019

The start of the new year is the perfect opportunity to bring in new guests and build existing business. As a salon owner himself, Artistic Director of Professional Hair Color Colin Caruso, shares ideas on how to drive new professional color business in 2019.

Can you share a way that you’re improving business in your salon, CARU?

A: At my salon, we offer a unique promotion—if guests pre-book their January haircut appointment in December, they get a complimentary topcoat with The Demi or a Color Craft® Take Home℠ Treatment.

Q: What education is available in 2019 to help hairdressers step up their game?

A: One of my favorite things about our company is that we are always finding ways to bring new education to stylists. I’m excited about our Try the Trend Guides! Artists need the proper tools to be successful and these guides showcase cool techniques using the color XG®, Skylight® and The Demi. Each technique is on-trend, salon-friendly and easy to recreate, so you’re making even more money behind the chair.


Q: Does JPMS™ have vegan options in their professional color portfolio?

A: Yes! Paul Mitchell® Professional Hair Color is committed to providing color solutions for all types of stylists and guests, so it is important that we offer a diverse spectrum of products, and that includes vegan options. The color XG® is a rich, permanent cream hair color that is 100% vegan! Another one of my favorite color lines, The Demi, is also vegan. As a vegetarian, I find value in having vegan color options. The color XG® isn’t just for stylists and guests looking for a vegan line—it’s a high-performing color everyone will love.


Q: What excites you about January’s color offerings?

A: We have a great kit that lets you test drive The Demi, our bestselling demi-permanent color, with Skylight®, which is especially designed for balayage and handpainting. Of course, no blonding service is complete without a demi-permanent toner or topcoat, so this is a win-win kit for stylists. We’re also offering a test drive kit for the color XG®, a vegan permanent color with DyeSmart technology for maximum color penetration and durability. There are plenty of options to keep stylists inspired and deliver the best results for their guests.


Immerse yourself in all things hair color at the Color HQ—a one-stop-shop just for you. Click here for more information.

5 Reasons You Need to Be Using Color Craft®

Haven’t incorporated Color Craft into your salon regimen yet? You’re missing out! Color Craft is a colorless conditioning treatment that can easily be customized by stylists to match guests’ hair color, allowing for many beneficial potential uses, including hair color preservation in between salon visits and enhancement of natural hair color in-salon. Ready to get the run down? We’re rounding up the 5 biggest reasons you should be using Color Craft.

  1. Color Craft offers an easy ticket increase opportunity for less frequent guests

With lived-in looks like balayage still very much in style, you may be seeing some of your color guests less frequently. Don’t look at that as a missed opportunity. Seize the opportunity that’s present. Explain to guests how Color Craft can help their color last even longer in between visits, and you’ll likely make extra revenue from your clients in the time between their visits.

  1. It’s easy to formulate

Simply add pumps of Liquid Color Concentrate to the colorless conditioning base and mix. The Liquid Color Concentrate(s) you’ll add and the amount you’ll pump into your color mix will depend on your desired tone. Want some inspiration and starting tips? We have a great selection of sample formulas and advice on crafting custom colors of varying intensities in the Mix & Go Guide to get you started.

  1. It’s very customizable

Color Craft starts as a colorless conditioning base. Grab our intermixable Liquid Color Concentrates—available in 8 different colors, including Mandarin orange, Lapis blue, Chestnut and Paprika red—add them to the base and customize this colorless treatment exactly to your liking.

  1. It’s for every guest
  • Does your guest want a quick, temporary color fix in salon? Choose Color Craft for a 5-minute Wash House service.
  • Is your guest color shy? Help them enhance their natural hair color, ease them into color exploration with this great temporary option, or treat them to a conditioning service.
  • Does your guest want to protect or refresh their color in between visits? Tell them why they should choose Color Craft as a Take Home.
  1. It’s not just about color

Color Craft truly is for everyone, because at its core, Color Craft is simply a great conditioner. Guests have been raving about how much they love the conditioning formula. If your guests don’t color their hair, position Color Craft as a great salon-quality conditioning treatment that they can take home with them.

Ready to get mixing? Get the full scoop on Color Craft, here.

Toned to the Tens: Our Favorite Looks from You Using The Demi 10 Series

It’s no secret that we love hair color. But, do you know what we love more? Seeing our talented community of professionals and future professionals (read: you!) showing us what they can do with our professional color products. To celebrate our new ten series shades of The Demi, we rounded up some of our favorite looks created by YOU. Get ready to get inspired.

@thestudiotucson @hairsorcerermacey


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Celebrating Paul Mitchell®’s Vegan Professional Hair Color Options


You already know that all John Paul Mitchell Systems® products are cruelty-free. (We’ve never tested on animals and we never will!) But, did you know that many of our popular professional hair color products are also 100% vegan? (!) Not only will your clients look good in your formulation of POP XG® or The Demi, but they’ll feel really good about flaunting their new look. With veganism and the vegan beauty category growing exponentially, emphasizing that our popular professional hair color products are vegan can prove a big selling point in your salon. So, what does this mean for you and your salon?

Which Paul Mitchell® Professional Hair Color products are vegan?

The Demi



Dual-Purpose Lightener



the color XG®

Why isn’t all Paul Mitchell hair color vegan?

Some products, like Paul Mitchell® the color, are formulated from beeswax. This beeswax base gives it its thick consistency—a trait that a lot of stylists who are fans of the line appreciate or are accustomed to. While bees aren’t harmed in the production of beeswax, it is derived from an animal, therefore making it not vegan.

Have the formulas changed?

Our vegan hair color offerings still feature the same formulas you know and love—you just might not have known they were vegan before!

Why is this news important?

We care about inclusion. By including vegan options in our Professional Hair Color portfolio, we’re helping to ensure that all stylists and all guests feel like they have color solutions well-suited to their needs and lifestyle. Identifying hair color as vegan to your clients, also offers a great sales opportunity for you, the salon professional. Start informing guests now that you/your salon offer(s) vegan options. Word of mouth among loyal clients and good marketing efforts will help spread the word within your community, establishing your salon as a great place to find vegan options as the demand increases.

Are there also vegan Take HomeSM options?

Yes, the John Paul Mitchell Systems® product line also offers many 100% vegan hair care and styling options. For your color-treated guests looking for vegan beauty options, we suggest recommending Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Shampoo™, Ultimate Color Repair® Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask and Triple Rescue® and Color Protect® Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment and Locking Spray.

Do you also have gluten-free hair color options?

Yes! The color XG, The Demi and Color Craft® are also gluten-free.

For answers to FAQ you may encounter in-salon, download our Sensitivity Guide here.