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Our Commitment

The Evolution of ECommerce

Since Paul Mitchell® was founded in 1980, our commitment to hairdressers and the professional salon industry has never faltered.  Our promise has been, and will continue to be, to help salons grow and be profitable.

For the past several years, we’ve seen consumer shopping habits change dramatically. Many customers prefer the convenience of shopping online, and it is vital that we, as a company, adapt to fulfill that consumer demand while continuing to benefit the professional beauty industry.

JPMS Timeline

Leading the Way

Hear from John Paul and Michaeline about how we are adapting in an effort to reclaim unauthorized sales online.

Benefits to Your Business

Learn how JPMS™ salons, stylists and schools can add incremental business through paulmitchell.com and our Amazon partnership.

Guide to Amazon

Amazon Influencer Program - Salons, stylists and schools can curate an Amazon microsite with their favorite JPMS™ products to recommend to guests. Stylists can then use a custom URL to share with their followers to guide them to shop recommended Take Home products. From those purchases, the stylist receives a 10% commission paid by Amazon in cash or Amazon credit.

For more information about the Amazon Influencer Program, click here.

Amazon Digital Affiliate Program - Salons, stylists and schools can include a link to JPMS™ products on Amazon from their own salon or school website. Each product purchased from the Amazon Professional Beauty platform using that link will earn the referring salon, stylist or school a 10% commission deposited into their bank account. Click here to join the Amazon Digital Affiliate Program for FREE!

All Amazon Programs are open to every Salon, stylist and school, if they meet Amazon’s criteria. For those who don’t meet the criteria, contact Director of Brand Protection and Amazon, Vikki Bresnahan.

Amazon Affiliate Program Step-by-Step Enrollment and Linking Instructions


1. Visit https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/ to enroll for free.

2. Click Join Now for Free button in upper right corner of the page.

graphic image of join now free

3. Please read all instructions carefully.

4. On the page indicating Payee information, fill out your name, address and phone number.

5. On the next page, provide your website URL (can be your Facebook page URL). Click Confirm.

6. On the Profile page, you will create your Associates Store ID. Please follow instructions listed. Enter your website URL or Facebook page URL again. Answer the rest of the questions to the best of your ability and according to which response best suits your business. This information is used only to improve these programs but is required.

7. Enter the characters provided to authenticate enrollment and agree to the terms and conditions.

8. Once you complete the above steps, you will receive your Unique Associate ID.

9. In order to receive payment, please complete the Payment and Tax Information. For payment, you have the choice of direct deposit, Amazon gift card or check. Please read details for each choice.

Product Linking

In order to link product to your website or social media pages, you will have to LOGIN to your associates home page: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/

1. Once you are logged in, select the Product Linking tab at the top of the page.

2. Scroll down to Link to Any Page.

graphic image of product linking

3. On the Linking page, select the middle option: Link to Search Results. We recommend this method as the best way to link to the largest selection of our products. You may utilize other methods.

4. Once you have selected Link to Search Results, you will select Beauty and Grooming from the Select A Product Line drop-down menu.

5. In the Enter Keywords box, type in Paul Mitchell.

6. In the Name Your Link box, type in the name YOU chose for your link. (Could be your name, your salon name, etc.)

7. Click Get HTML.

graphic image of link seach results

8. That will populate the box to the right and Your Link Name will appear in light blue above the box to the right of the word Preview.

9. Click on your link name above the box and that will drive you to the product selection you are linked to on Amazon.

10. You may check your link using the Link Checker Feature in the box below where your HTML link is displayed.

graphic image of link seach results

11. Once on the Amazon page, we recommend using the Amazon Associate Site Stripe located above the Amazon header.

12. You can link to post directly to Facebook or Twitter from this feature by hovering over the logo shown.

graphic image of site stipe

Remember, not only do you earn a 10% commission on the JPMS products, but you can earn varying commission on other products (home goods, electronics, pantry, etc.) purchased your link.

13. Example of a Facebook post. Your friends/followers click the link and they are directed to Amazon.

graphic image of fb posting

To contact John Paul Mitchell Systems for questions about this program, please email amazoninfo@paulmitchell.com or call 888-398-8884.

For technical assistance on the program, please contact Amazon Customer Service at 1-800-372-8066 or https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/contact.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Amazon Influencer Program

Promote your JPMS™ products to your social media followers! The Amazon Influencer Program allows you to get your own presence on Amazon, which you can customize and curate with products you recommend in your videos on YouTube or pictures on Instagram. Find out if your social media account qualifies!

Step 1

graphic image of influencer setup step 1

Step 2

graphic image of influencer setup step 2

Step 3

graphic image of influencer setup step 3

Step 4

graphic image of influencer setup step 4

How to access your Influencer account from the Associates dashboard

graphic image of influencer dashboard

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Have Fewer than 2,500 Followers?

Click here to contact Director of Brand Protection and Amazon, Vikki Bresnahan.

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