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  • How does the JPMS Hair AI app and device work?
    The Hair AI scanner clips onto your iPhone and syncs with the Hair AI app to provide highly accurate images, measurements and analysis of guests' hair and scalp health. The high-resolution scans use artificial intelligence to detect your guests' hair type and recommend personalized product solutions for their routine.
  • How do I use Hair AI?
    Download the free JPMS Hair AI app on the iOS App Store. Remove the protective film from the scanner camera and get your scanner ready. Next, follow the screen prompts to create a user account. The application will walk you through the pairing of your device to the phone to begin scanning. The application has features, such as Product Knowledge, that can be used without connectivity to the scanner. However, the scanner is needed to generate your guest's unique hair analysis.
  • Does Hair AI work with all generations of the iPhone?
    Yes, it works on all iPhones—the scanner is adjustable to fit over any model of iPhone with a camera, even if it has a case. The app is not available for iPad or other tablet devices.
  • Is Hair AI available for Android phones?
    We're currently evaluating a future Android release. If you're interested in Hair AI for your Android device, please sign up for updates.
  • What happens if I get a new phone?
    When you get your new phone, download the Hair AI app, log into your profile, and all of your data will sync up to your new phone.
  • How can I purchase JPMS Hair AI?
    To purchase your own Hair AI device, please contact your local distributor or visit The Mall.
  • Can I use the JPMS Hair AI app without a scanner?
    The Hair AI app has many features, including on-demand product knowledge, a treatment menu, Treatment Cost Calculator, and technical support chat, all of which can be used without a scanner. The Products tab can also be used to browse the JPMS catalog by product type, benefits, brand and more to make suggestions, even if a scan is not needed. The scanner is needed to generate your guest’s unique hair analysis, which enhances your consultation and provides more customized product and treatment recommendations.

The Process

  • When is the best time to conduct a scalp or hair scan?
    The best time to scan the scalp and hair is at the beginning of the salon consultation process.
  • How long does the consultation process take?
    The scanning portion of the consultation should be performed alongside the typical consultation done with your guest. The process should take no more than five minutes. Once the scan is performed, the results and product recommendations will be instantly available.
  • How do I prepare a guest's hair for a scan?
    Scanning should be done at the beginning of a guest's visit, and before a treatment or service. To prep, use a comb to create a center part. Then, perform the two scans, as instructed in the app:
    • A scan at the top center of the scalp
    • A scan of a large swatch of hair, at the ends
    For the most consistent scans, remember to press gently, with just enough pressure so that the scanner makes full contact with the hair or scalp.
  • Which parts of a guest's hair do I scan?
    There are two areas on a guest's head that you need to scan each time:
    • The top center of the scalp
    • A large swatch of hair, photographing the ends
    Performing these scans allows us to get a variety of data, as each scan measures different aspects of the guest's hair and scalp. The app provides visuals that guide you through the scanning process in more detail.
  • What happens if I get an inaccurate scan?
    Scanning the hair and scalp may take practice and it's important to follow the directions in the consultation guide. It's possible that the phone camera or scanner lens may need to be cleaned. In this case, gently wipe the camera or scanner lens with a moist tissue or alcohol wipe, being careful not to get the scanner itself wet.
  • How do I use live view?
    Click Scan on the navigation bar, then choose the option to use Live View mode. In this mode, you won't be able to take any scans of your guest, but you will be able to explore their hair or scalp with the 30x magnification lens.
  • What do the hair scores mean?
    Hair AI calculates a unique hair type based on individual hair and scalp characteristics detected at that point in time. The app, then, recommends products based on those attributes. Hair type is dynamic and should be measured at every visit to get the most accurate product recommendations given the current state of a guest's hair.
  • Why are the hair scores inconsistent?
    The hair's condition is constantly evolving as it goes through its growth cycle and as environmental factors change. Moisture levels and elasticity change from dry to humid climates, and even diet can have an impact on hair's condition. The hair score given at the time of the consultation represents the current state of the hair and recommends products accordingly. It's possible that the recommendation will shift with the guest's hair over time.
  • How do I send my guest their Hair AI analysis and product recommendations?
    You can easily send guests their results and product recommendations from the app. The app automatically provides recommendations for all the possible products suited for your guest based on their scan results. You, the stylist, will be able to create a regimen based on those recommendations. The recommendation list will note which products are available in your salon and give you the option to share the whole list with your guest, so that they can purchase their recommended products online.
  • How do I use the Treatment Cost Calculator?
    The app features a treatment menu and Treatment Cost Calculator to help determine the right service price for your salon based on your location, your current pricing model and associated costs. Simply enter the information requested and the app will quickly generate your recommended pricing.
  • What products are included in the recommendations?
    The following brands from the John Paul Mitchell Systems® portfolio are included as possible product recommendations within Hair AI:
    • Awapuhi Wild Ginger®
    • MITCH®
    • MVRCK®
    • Paul Mitchell®
    • Neuro®
    • Tea Tree
    In your stylist profile you can select the products you carry to prioritize guest recommendations. Be sure to turn on notifications, so that you can update the app when new products are added to the JPMS portfolio.
  • How do I select the products that I currently have in stock in my salon?
    You'll be prompted to complete this process as you first set up your profile. If you choose to skip this option during initial set-up, you can configure it later by visiting the Settings or Products tabs in the navigation pane. To add products to your in-salon stock through the Products tab, simply select a filter, scroll through the JPMS products listed and tap the heart icon on the bottom left corner of the product pane to select the products you currently have in stock. You can remove a product by clicking the heart icon again (when the heart icon is no longer shaded in black, you'll know an item has been successfully removed from your inventory list). To manage your inventory in the Settings tab, click "In-Salon Stock." From here, you will see all the products you've selected as "in-salon stock" and can add products by clicking the + icon at the top right corner of the screen or remove products by tapping the heart icon beneath each product listing.
  • How frequently should I scan my guest's hair?
    Hair evolves as environmental factors change (i.e., seasons, air quality, etc.) and may require different solutions depending on its current condition. Because of this, you should offer to scan your guest's hair each time they visit.
  • Can the scanner analyze hair loss/thinning?
    The tool currently measures different attributes of the hair and scalp to make recommendations for professional services and products. Hair AI is not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions.
  • Are more features coming to the Hair AI app?
    Yes, that’s the plan! Our scientists and developers are hard at work updating the app with new capabilities and experiences, including features in professional color. Opt-in on your Hair AI app to receive notifications and be alerted when new features become available.

Amazon Affiliate Program

  • About the Amazon Affiliate Program
    Qualified salons, stylists and schools can include a link to JPMS products on Amazon from their own salon or school website or social media pages. Each product purchased from the Amazon Professional Beauty platform using that link will earn the referring salon, stylist or school a 10% commission, paid by Amazon in cash or Amazon credit (gift card).

    Amazon programs are free to join and open to every salon, stylist and school, if they meet Amazon's criteria. If a stylist would like to utilize these features in-app, they must first create a profile with one of the aforementioned programs to obtain an affiliate code that will be added to the profile. Hair AI will create links for you to email or text to your guest, so you can get credit for purchases that you recommend right out of the app.

    To learn more about Amazon ecommerce, click here.

    More information about the Amazon programs and how to sign up can be found at paulmitchellpro.com/ecommerce.php.
  • What if I don't have the recommended product in stock?
    The app offers the option of adding a direct link to Amazon in participation with their Professional Beauty Platform, so guests may purchase recommended products that are not currently available in your salon, while providing you with a commission. Stylists can simply opt-in to this integration within the app settings.

    As a professional-only brand, our objective is to always protect the integrity of product pricing and quality while rewarding salons. Through a unique partnership, JPMS and Amazon offer rewards and benefit programs for salons and hair care professionals that provide direct commissions back to eligible salons and stylists for any JPMS product sold to their guests.
  • How do I connect my profile to the Amazon Affiliate Program?
    To add your Amazon Affiliate ID to your profile, go to the Settings tab and click Account Details. Tap the edit icon and add your ID to the Amazon Affiliate ID field.


  • Should I remove the plastic film covering my scanner?
    Yes. Your new scanner comes with a transparent film to protect the device. This must be removed before use or you will not get an accurate scan or analysis. Simply use the pull tab on the left side to peel the film off and discard.
  • Can I use the scanner with a case on my iPhone?
    It can be used with most phone cases—depending on the thickness—as long as the scanner can access the camera lens.
  • Can my scanner pair to multiple phones at the same time?
    When launching the Hair AI app, if only one scanner is within a few feet of the phone, the app will auto-pair with that tool. If more than one scanner is in range, the app will display a list that allows you to select the tool you want to pair with, based on the individual serial numbers printed on each scanner. When a scanner is selected from the list, its lights will flash to help you identify that it's connected. Once paired to a scanner, the app will stay connected to the device until you leave or exit the app.
  • If multiple stylists pair their phones to the same scanner, will they all share the same login and client data?
    One scanner can be paired independently with multiple phones, with each stylist using their own unique login. If each stylist is using a unique login, sharing a scanner device will not share any data between stylists, including their login or client lists.
  • How do I charge the scanner?
    The device comes with a standard USB in-wall charger. For heavy in-salon use, it's best to recharge the battery daily. The lights will illuminate while charging and turn off when fully charged. If the battery is very low when plugged in, it may take a few minutes before the lights come on.
  • How long does the battery last?
    The battery capacity is 300mAh and can last almost 500 scans.
  • Why can't I just use my phone camera to take photos of my guest's hair?
    The Hair AI scanner uses a 30x magnification lens to see the hair and scalp closer than the human eye, and dedicated lighting that allows for consistency from scan to scan. Without this hardware, it would not be possible to obtain the measurements used in Hair AI's unique analysis.
  • What kind of lights does the scanner use?
    The Hair AI scanner uses multiple LED and ultra-violet lights to illuminate the hair and consistently measure data from scan to scan. The lights are certified safe and pose no threat to use as designed. You should never look at the lights directly or aim them at someone else. If the lights do not turn off, connect the scanner to a USB charger, which will reset the scanner.
  • How do I clean my scanner?
    We recommend gently disinfecting your scanner after each use with a tissue or cotton round, moistened with a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Anti-bacterial wipes are also effective and easy to use. Make sure to remove the scanner from your phone before cleaning it. Do not get the scanner wet or wash with water.
  • What are the optimal iOS settings for the scanner?
    The app will walk you through the appropriate settings during the initial pairing of the scanner with your phone. Bluetooth® needs to be turned on for the scanner to connect. Hair AI also needs access to your camera—in order to conduct a scan—and for haptics to be enabled—in order to indicate to you whether a scan has been successfully completed. To enable haptics, visit Settings > Sounds & Haptics, and turn on Vibrate on Ring and Vibrate on Silent.
  • How do I reset the scanner?
    You can reset the scanner by removing it from your smartphone and plugging it into your USB charger. The device should automatically reset. When done correctly, the scanner lights will flash, indicating a successful reset. If the lights don't flash, your scanner may need to recharge. If you are still experiencing issues after following these steps, please contact John Paul Mitchell Systems® technical support at: 800.793.8790.
  • How do I unpair my scanner?
    In the Hair AI app navigation, choose "More," then "Settings" and select "Scanner Health." Within the Scanner Health section, choose the option to "Disconnect."
  • Why doesn't the app see my scanner?
    Sometimes the Bluetooth® wireless technology on your iPhone or scanner may need to be reset. If you are experiencing issues with your scanner, put your iPhone into Airplane Mode for 15 seconds. Then, turn off Airplane Mode, ensure Bluetooth® is turned on, and try launching the app again.

    If you're still experiencing issues, you can reset the scanner by removing it from your iPhone and plugging it into your USB charger. The device should automatically reset. When done correctly, the scanner lights will flash, indicating a successful reset. If the lights don't flash, your scanner may need to recharge. If you are still experiencing issues after following these steps, please contact John Paul Mitchell Systems® technical support at: 800.793.8790.
  • Why isn't my scanner aligning?
    The alignment process is very precise. When aligning your scanner in the app, be sure to do the following:
    1. Make sure that the scanner lights are on.
    2. Make sure the scanner isn't pointing at a background that is too dark or too bright.
    3. Move the scanner slowly so that the app has a few seconds to adjust to the new scanner position.
    4. Rotate your scanner to get the best alignment.
    If you're still experiencing issues, you may skip the alignment process and simply align your scanner to the best of your abilities.

Account + Security

  • Why does the application want to know my location?
    The Hair AI app utilizes your location to assess current conditions in your area and how they may have affected the hair scanned (i.e., current weather), so that it can make the best hair product recommendations for your guests. We'll only use your location when the app is in use, and if you opt-in.
  • How do you keep my information secure?
    All data sent to and from the app is encrypted and stored on a server that is secured with 256-bit encryption (the highest possible), and all scan photos are not personally identifiable. We will never share or sell individual data records.
  • How do I delete my guest's scan data?
    Under "Clients," select the guest you wish to delete and scroll down to the "Delete" button. For more information, please review the privacy terms under app settings.
  • How do I delete my account?
    Deleting the app from your phone doesn't delete your account. To delete your account, please contact JPMS technical support.

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