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Hello Great Hair

Meet Hair AI—the latest innovation from John Paul Mitchell Systems®.

Scan. Analyze. Treat.

Guide guests to their best hair day ever, and grow revenue in the process, with Hair AI—the first professional-only hair and scalp analysis tool—only from JPMS!

How It Works

1. Scan

Powered by artificial intelligence, and with the help of our compact scanner, Hair AI turns your iPhone into a professional-grade hair and scalp diagnostic tool.

2. Analyze

Using the power of proprietary technology and advanced artificial intelligence, you'll get an in-depth look at your guest's hair health and scalp condition.

3. Treat

Immediately following analysis, you'll receive personalized Take Home and professional treatment recommendations—chosen from your salon's current inventory of JPMS products and tailored to the needs and scores of your guests.

image of the Hair AI app scanning screen image of the Hair AI app analyze screen image of the Hair AI app product recommendations screen

The Scanner

Cute, Compact

Fits seamlessly over your iPhone camera lens and pairs easily with Bluetooth®.

Professional-Grade 30x Zoom Lens

1000x more powerful than the human eye.

Dedicated LED and Ultra-Violet Lights

Surround the lens to uniformly illuminate the hair and provide consistent measurements from scan to scan.

image of the Hair AI scanner clipped onto an iphone image of a scalp close-up image of the Hair AI scanner
image of an iphone with a mounted Hair AI scanner

The App

The Hair AI app is fun, free and easy to use. Built with the input of our experts behind the chair and designed to be used with the scanner, the app uses advanced algorithms to rapidly provide an in-depth hair and scalp analysis and personalized product recommendations from the JPMS portfolio. Beyond analysis, utilize the app to quickly share results and product recommendations with guests, easily track their scans and prescribed regimen over time, access product knowledge on-demand and chat with a stylist for quick technical support.

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Using Hair AI

  • image of the consultation quiz 1. Kick off the consultation and get to know your guest with the Hair AI quiz.
  • image of using the Hair AI scanner to analyze hair 2. Use the scanner with your iPhone to analyze your guest's hair and scalp.
  • image of an analysis grade 3. Instantly receive an in-depth analysis of your guest's hair health and scalp condition, plus professional treatment and Take Home product recommendations that can easily be shared via email or text.
  • image of guest tracking in the Hair AI app 4. Track your guests' results over time, to show them their progress or to suggest a shift in their hair care regimen.

Say Hello to Happy Stylists

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Advertise the Hair AI consultation service on our paulmitchell.com salon locator and at your station to attract new business and promote service upgrades.

Get Started

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Android Version Coming Soon!

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image of the Joey Rodriquez III walking Heather Kaa'noi through the Hair AI app

Got Hair AI Questions?

We've Got Answers.

Access FAQs about using the Hair AI App + scanner, technical support, terms and conditions and our privacy policy.

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