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Image Usage Policy

Dear Valued Salon Partner,

Each year, John Paul Mitchell Systems produces beautiful imagery that we are excited to share with you. These images bring together professional photographers, models and their respective agencies. There are also binding contracts stipulating how long an image can be used by John Paul Mitchell Systems and any of our salon, school and distributor partners. Once the expiration date has passed, the images may no longer be used, either in print or online. When images are used past their expiration date, the photographer, model and their agencies have the legal right to charge penalty fees.

This is especially problematic for images posted online: There are people—think of them like online "bounty hunters"—who now see expired images as a revenue source. They search for expired images solely in order to recoup the associated fees. Incredibly, some of these "bounty hunters" actually purchase the image rights once they expire, enabling them to make money when they find the photos. As a result, anyone who has expired images on their website is at risk.

John Paul Mitchell Systems does not own the rights to model imagery forever; there is ALWAYS an expiration date associated with EVERY image (even images with John Paul DeJoria, Eloise DeJoria and Angus Mitchell).

In order to protect all of our salon partners, we have created a policy to ensure that everyone is using images that are current and legal.

John Paul Mitchell Systems essentially "leases" images from the photographer for a period of time (e.g., two-and-a-half years for a brand campaign or four to six months for limited promotions such as Holiday) and pays the model for that time as well. Once usage has expired, image ownership goes back to the photographer, unless we choose to extend usage. The photographer may also decide to sell the image to a third party (a.k.a., the aforementioned "bounty hunters").

Expired model images may not be used on any new material and must be removed from all websites. In-salon posters and signage that were printed prior to the expiration date can still be displayed. However, salons may not duplicate new posters or signage with expired images. These images also cannot be used in any new social media posts.

Most expired image infractions take place online. Websites should be updated on a regular basis to reflect current John Paul Mitchell Systems model imagery. If a salon is unable to regularly update their website, we recommend using product images rather than model images, as those do not expire.

If you are unsure about the usage of a particular image, please contact Dina Jacobellis at brookeg@jpms.com before making a large investment on window signage, banners, websites, etc.

We kindly ask that you review all of the model imagery on your websites and make sure that it is current.

As always, thank you for your support!

Paul Mitchell Professional
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