Blonde Hair Care Tips for Spring and Summer

By: Tracy Ftacek

We are beginning to see more highlight appointments on the calendar as our guests refresh their blonde style in anticipation of the summer season.  As always, proper care and maintenance is key to bringing out the brilliance of blonde hair color. Use these styling tips to help guests enjoy their blonde style this summer!

A healthy head of blonde hair begins with Forever Blonde® Shampoo and Conditioner. This duo will repair damage, restore moisture and brighten blonde strands.

Before heat styling, mist Forever Blonde® Dramatic Repair® throughout hair, paying particular attention to the mid-length and ends. This lightweight spray will work to repair damage, replenish hydration and fight static electricity before using heat styling tools.

Next, apply a quarter-size application of Straight Works®, starting at the ends and working your way up the hair shaft.  This product includes ingredients like chamomile, jojoba and henna to help control any texture created from chemical processes and provide shine and reflection. Next, mist hair with Heat Seal® to protect hair from heat and to build extra body.

Lastly, use your 427 Paddle Brush and blow-dryer to dry the hair and create a smooth, silky finish. First use the brush to detangle strands by holding it in an upright position and allowing the hair to move through the evenly spaced channels. Once the hair reaches 80% dry, turn the brush sideways to create a smooth finish.

Voila! A summer-ready, smooth style for blondes!

With her pulse on the trends of both fashion and celebrity, Lucie Doughty serves as Editorial Director for Paul Mitchell. She is a leader in styling hair for photo shoots and events, and she mentors up-and-coming stylists in the art of editorial shoots. In her spare time, Lucie maintains the manes of celebrities such as Rene Russo, Elizabeth Banks, Miranda Kerr, Daryl Hannah, Liz Phair, Audrina Patridge, Julie Benz, Brooke Hogan, Shane Lamas, Tinsley Mortimer and many others.

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