MITCH® vs. MVRCK™: Finding the Right Product Line for Your Male Clients

It’s a good time to be a well-groomed guy. With the addition of MVRCK™ to the JPMS™ product family, there are now more male styling options than ever before. Naturally, you may be wondering: How do I best determine if my client is a MITCH® man or a MVRCK guy?

It’s an important question to answer. After all, better targeting can lead to an increase in product sales. We talked to Artistic Director Heather Kaanoi, who helped break down the biggest differences between MITCH and MVRCK.


MITCH Is All About Efficiency
The MITCH man is a stylish, masculine guy who’s looking to create quick and easy daily styles. Think of him as the guy who wants to spend less time on his hair so he can get a jumpstart on his day. MITCH’s stylers are designed to help create and reinforce those quick and easy looks. When layered, these versatile products can create a range of hairstyles. The MITCH line’s color-coded packaging allows for added efficiency—quickly communicating which products offer light (= white), medium (= yellow) and firm (= red) holds.

Pro Tip from Heather: Demo how to use your choice MITCH product(s) directly on your guests. When combining products for a style, add more value to the potential Take Home℠ purchase by offering alternative style options for each individual product used.


MVRCK Elevates the Grooming Experience
The MVRCK guy is the fella who looks forward to a longer service in the shop. He enjoys the shop experience just as much as the services—if not more. He likely goes beyond a simple haircut and also opts for a clean shave or a beard trim, too. The MVRCK line’s intoxicating fragrance—a twist on the MITCH line’s own beloved cedar agave scent—offers an energizing and refreshing sensory experience that’ll complement his relaxing shop visit—and remind him of it as he uses the products at home.

Pro Tip from Heather: Beard services are a growing demand in non-barbershops. Upgrade a haircut service by offering beard or facial services that incorporate MVRCK products. These services will add more value to that one visit. Share tips on how to maintain facial hair at home with the appropriate MVRCK offerings.

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