Building Barber Clientele: Tips from Barbering All-Stars

JA18_NN_MVRCK_1Your shop is in business. Maybe you’ve expanded and added barbering services to your menu, or maybe you’re finally just setting up shop. You’ve readied your MVRCK Shave Cream, sharpened your shears and uncapped your MVRCK Beard Oil. Now, you’re ready to build a long and lucrative business. In honor of the launch of MVRCK™, we tracked down a couple of all-stars from our MVRCK Barbers team to get their advice on what it takes to build and maintain a loyal barbering client pool.


Don’t Underestimate the Power of Word of Mouth
Corey Bakon, Master Barber, salon owner and National Educator at John Paul Mitchell Systems®, says that “your work is [the] best form of advertising. The friends, coworkers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters of your client[s] are all potential customers, and they will notice great work, and they might notice the bad.”

He shares that putting in the work to master and prefect your technique will go a long way. Corey cautions that if you don’t put in the work, people will likely also notice—for the wrong reasons. Know what you know, and make sure your menu/price list and promotional photographs accurately reflect your skill level.


Make Visiting the Barber Shop an Experience
Brandon Palmore, Barbering Specialist at Paul Mitchell The School Orlando and Owner at Mr. B’s Grooming Lounge, stresses the importance of creating an experience in your shop. Many guys use their trip to the barbershop as an opportunity to relax and enjoy the environment. “That environment,” Brandon says, “can be anything from the other guests, the conversation, the decor, the amenities, the music, etc. If your male guest enjoys [the experience], he’s going to come back…and he’s going to tell his friends. I believe this is more important to some guys than the actual haircut itself.”

And when you combine the two, you have a true recipe for success. Ultimately, a “great environment + great haircut = more guys in the chair.”

Be Courteous and Be You
Nobody likes to wait. Corey emphasizes, that “good timing and proper scheduling will keep you on track, and lets your clients know that you respect their time.” Clients will also be more inclined to return to your shop if they truly connect with you. “Always be yourself and do your best to be personable and relatable to your clients—it goes a long way,” he adds. “Make [personalized] recommendations [for] product and support services that will help them—and [ultimately, also] help you generate more income.”

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