Crafting More Sales with Color Craft®


Our custom color conditioning treatment Color Craft® has received a makeover with fresh imagery and updated kits! Read on for helpful tips on how to talk guests about Color Craft® for at-home maintenance and in-salon services.


Let’s Talk Color Craft

Sell It at the Beginning of the Service
Since Color Craft® is uniquely customized for the guest, it is recommended to sell the product at the start of the service. Premix and apply Color Craft® in the salon to demonstrate the power of the product. After the sale, complete the service by presenting your guest with their own customized Take Home℠ treatment formula to protect their investment.

Offer Color Craft® As a Conditioning Service
Whether your guests color their hair or not, everyone wants a little extra conditioning. With this customizable conditioner, introduce your guest to an entirely new service.

Our Favorite Reasons and Ways to Use Color Craft®

The opportunities for using this customizable treatment in-salon and at home are endless. Let us count the ways…

  1. It’s for Every Guest
    Send every guest home with a Take Home℠ customized formula to keep their color looking and feeling beautiful.
  2. Fight Fade and Compromised Color
    Keep reds vibrant, mahoganies rich, blondes icy and your pastels visible by customizing a Color Craft® conditioning treatment.
  3. It’s a Frequency Fix
    Colorists are seeing guests with lived-in color trends like hand-painting, ombré and balayage less frequently. Color Craft® Take Home℠ is a great way to earn some dollars back with a recommended $39.95 price point.
  4. It’s Great for Color-Shy Guests
    Color Craft® is perfect for guests who want to switch up their look without committing to permanent or semi-permanent hair color.
  5. Fashion Tones Are All the Rage
    Color Craft® isn’t permanent, so it’s a great way to infuse fun into any service without commitment. It works well as a color overlay or a lowlight. See our Favorite Formula Guide to create your own.
  6. Tweak Your Color at the Sink
    Need a quick tonal adjustment at the sink? A five-minute treatment can make color deeper, warmer, richer, etc. Use the professional 20-gram Custom Color Treatment tube for light, moderate and maximum concentrations.
  7. Great for Men
    For guys who want to add a little color to their hair without looking like they did, Color Craft® is the perfect solution to add a hint of tonality while conditioning hair.
  8. Seal the Deal for Fragile, Colored Hair
    Use Color Craft® to repigment hair before your color service, or as a treatment after the color service for even, enriched color results. Check out the Color Craft® education materials for repigmentation steps and formulating custom color treatments.

For more information including formula ideas, solution suggestions and more, click here.

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