On Tap: The Barber Team’s Favorite MVRCK® Cocktails

We’re giving it to you straight. We asked the Barber Team to serve up their favorite pairings of MVRCK® grooming and barbering products to help fast-track your in-shop exploration of our new men’s line. From hair, to beard, to mustache styling, enjoy this selection of barber-approved product cocktails on the house. Test them out, shake ’em up and put your own signature spin on your favorite mixes.


Grooming Spray + Original Pomade + Blade Slip + Shave Cream:


Take it from the work of Jason Reyes, the MVRCK® arsenal lends itself well to a great gentleman’s cut. To maintain length in front, over-direct hair on top. Once length of haircut is complete, use Blade Slip to razor in a hard side part. Then, apply a mixture of Shave Cream and water on the back and sides of the head to straight razor down to skin and line up your edges. Apply Grooming Spray and blow dry damp hair. Finish with the Original Pomade for a cool and polished look.

Original Pomade + Blade Slip:


This cocktail, via Corey Bakon, is great for finishing and styling a low-shadow fade with a textured top. Once you’re done adding shape to the top of your cut, finish hair with the Original Pomade. Then, use Blade Slip to line up facial hair and the hair line.

Blade Slip + Dry Paste + Cooling Aftershave:


From Fernie Andong, this combo is great for finishing up an edgy faux hawk or a skin fade—like his, pictured, with a side banger. After fading and blending the hair line, use Blade Slip and a straight razor to cleanly line up your edges. Treat shaven sides with Cooling Aftershave. Finish with MVRCK® Dry Paste and add a little texture to the top of your client’s hair.

Facial Hair:

Shave Cream + Blade Slip + Skin Tonic + Skin + Beard Lotion:


A great mustache is a worthy focal point. This cocktail, from Mike Stout, is perfect for giving a client a clean shave and a freshly groomed ’stache. Apply Shave Cream and Blade Slip, as needed, and follow shave procedure with a straight razor. Use Skin Tonic as aftershave. Finish by grooming and taming your client’s mustache with Skin + Beard Lotion.

Blade Slip + Grooming Spray + Beard Oil:


Harness the full potential of a client’s statement beard with this cocktail from Megan Porter. Clean up your client’s facial hair with the help of Blade Slip and clippers. Spray beard with Grooming Spray and apply two drops of Beard Oil. Work this mixture evenly into the beard to clean up you client’s freshly trimmed facial hair. Finish with Skin + Beard Lotion if additional taming is needed or added moisture is desired.

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